How to Swing Each Golf Club : 3-Iron Golf Swing

This is the three iron and this club as you
can see, the clubs are getting increasingly perpendicular to the ground and closer to
0 degrees. This is 21 degrees and this club can hit the ball pretty far. It is a relatively
long club so the longer the club, the harder it is for the newer player to maneuver the
club. So to hit the ball straight which is what we are focusing on in this series is
you have to be properly away from the ball so if you are too close you are not going
to be able to swing it very well and if you are too far you won’t so the three iron being
a long club you want to get comfortably away from it and this club, a proficient golfer
should be able to hit this club 190 to about 220 or 230 depending once again on the quality
of the swing and the strength and height and so on but it is a very useful club. It is
a long iron. You are going to come in on a long par 4 with this, long par 5’s. You might
tee off on some holes because you can hit them pretty far so what you want to do to
hit the ball straight is to take your line of target, get the club facing perpendicular
to it and then line up parallel to the target line and then once you have done that, you
see my feet are closer together because this is a longer club and I just take a nice easy
swing and that is right on line so that is what you want do so and it is a great club
if you can master it.


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