How to Swing Each Golf Club : 4-Iron Golf Swing

Ok. Here is the four iron. You can see that
the loft in the four iron is increasingly perpendicular to the ground. This is a twenty-four
degree club. So, it will put some under spin on it. But, the four iron now you have to
be careful. The longer the iron the more side spin you can get and that’s where slices and
hooks come in. So, to hit this ball straight and this club should be you should be able
to hit this club as you become a proficient player your goal should be about a hundred
and eighty a hundred and ninety to two hundred yards. But, if you’re a developing junior
or a woman you’re going to hit it a little less. But, some of the pros can hit this club
two hundred and twenty plus yards. So, what you use this club for is on a par five or
a very long par four or you might be teeing off on a par three. There’s a variety of uses
for it. But, because it’s a long club you’re going to get further away from it. So, once
again to hit this ball straight I draw the line to my club and I keep the club face perpendicular
to the target to the line of flight of the ball. And, I just get set. My feet are going
to be closer together. Because, the club is taller. And, I just line up and I just take
a nice easy swing. Perfect. So, that’s how you use a four iron. You really want to work
on being relaxed. Because, if you need more club use a three iron or use a fairway wood.
But, don’t muscle your shot.


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