How to Swing Each Golf Club : 5-Wood Golf Swing

Here is a five wood. I’ve brought out an oldie
but goodie because it really doesn’t matter what club you use as far as if it is the fancy
new clubs or the nice 20 year old tailer made, you still have to swing the club properly
so the five wood has 21 degrees loft which is about the same as your three iron so this
club depending on the situation can be a little easier to hit than a three iron so a lot of
people use this on a par 3 on a 220 yard par 3 they’ll use a five wood or they’ll use it
as a fairway wood if they are on a long par 3 so instead of a 3 iron they’lll pull out
a 5 wood. Sometimes they will tee off and if you have got your wind at your back the
5 wood gives you a lot of loft so if there is wind at your back it will sail pretty far.
So what you want to do with your 5 wood, once again the clubs are getting longer and you
want to get further away from the ball and to hit this ball straight you want to figure
out your target and then you want to draw a line from your target to the club face and
you want to be perpendicular to the club face so that way then you get parallel to your
intended line of flight and then you just get comfortable, get the ball somewhat off
the left instep and just take a nice easy step. That was a pretty good shot right down
the middle so if you need more club go to the next more powerful club and if you need
less club go down to the 3 iron but this way you will hit the proper stroke and you won’t
muscle it and you’ll hit it straight.


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