How to Swing Golf Clubs : Golf Clubs: Drivers

OK, the driver, it’s the longest flattest
club we got. This one has a 9.5 degrees loft. So for most players until they’re expert professionals,
hitting a slice can happen at any moment. And even the pros can slice a ball. So what
we’re going to demonstrate here is how to fade the ball which is a controlled slice
and people will say well I slice off the tee all the time anyway. Well, there’s reasons
you do and doing this type of drill will help you correct that also. So what I want you
to do is take this other club or if you have a yardstick, line it up with the target, the
area that you want to hit the ball and normally for your drive you’re going to lineup as
if you’re going to hit the ball straight. So I would lineup like this but since I want
to fade this ball, that means I’m going to hit to the left side and I want the ball to
fade back into play where I want to, very controlled manner. So I’m going to aim to
the left now and I’m going to move the ball up in my stance just a little bit while I’m
aiming to the left. So this will produce a controlled slice I hope but this is a very
useful shot if you’ve got a dogleg right or you’re fighting wind or the narrow landing
path spot in the fairway. So let’s see how we can do here. I’m aiming to the left, I’m
opening the club a little bit and that was perfect. So that’s how you control the ball,
you’re going to lose a little bit of distance but a lot of times distance isn’t all that
great if you’re in a terrible position. So positions very important in golf and this
is another tool to achieve that.


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