How to Swing Golf Clubs : Golf Clubs: Five Irons

Okay, we’re going to now work on the five
iron, fading the five iron. The five iron is a club that if you’re going to hit the
ball straight, you should be hitting it between one sixty and two hundred, give or take, depending
on your skills and your swing and many other things. But for the purposes of fading the
ball, you’re going to lose a little bit of distance most of the time, but you’re going
to gain a lot of control. So this is a pretty long, powerful club, so by gaining control,
you’re going to get the benefit of a lot of distance and a lot of power, but you’re going
to get a lot of control. So I’m going to aim the club. This club’s going to be my guide.
So this will be a straight line to the target, whether I’m on a par five or a par three or
I’m coming into the green on a par four. And the usefulness of a fade, which means left
to right, it’s a slight slice, it’s a controlled slice aka fade, is that if you’re playing
against the wind or with the wind, it gives you a lot of ways to play the hole if it’s
not a perfectly crisp, no wind day. So this allows you to control it. So let’s see, I’m
now going to, here’s, here’s how I would hit a straight ball. I’m parallel to the other
club, but I open my stance and I hit it a little further up in my stance and open the
face of the club like that. So I open it to the right and then I just take a nice, relaxed
swing. So that faded perfectly. So it may or may not be the greatest shot, but it keeps
me out of trouble so I don’t get penalty strokes, which is how your scores really mount up.
So the fade is a great weapon to control the ball and save yourself a lot of strokes.


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