How to Swing Golf Clubs : Golf Clubs: Five Woods

OK, in this segment we’re going to be covering
the five wood, fading the five wood. The five wood is a great club. It’s great off the tee
on a par three, if it’s a short par four it will put you out there two to two hundred
to two thirty. So, for the older courses, the shorter par fours it’s a good club to
tee off, especially if it’s a narrow or a tricky par four. So, it’s a great club; we’re
going to show you how to fade it. So, let’s say that this is your target line; that would
put the ball straight, toward a target. And I want to fade the ball a little bit. So,
here’s how I would hit the ball straight as I would line up parallel with that club, that
target line, and I would put my club in a neutral position. But, if I’m going to fade
this a little bit, that means taking it from left to right, a controlled slice is what
a fade really is, is I’m going to open my stance to the target line. So, now I’m going
at this angle and the target is going at that angle and then I open the club face just a
little bit. So I just, this way I’m going to lose a little bit of distance, but we’re
going to control the ball and I just take a nice, normal swing. So, I’m guaranteeing
myself more of a precise landing area but I’m costing myself a little distance, but
a lot of times that’s a good trade off. So, use all your clubs wisely, get to know your
all your distances and that way you can use the right club to accomplish this task.

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