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Okay, on this one we’re going to show you
how to fade the one iron. But some of you might get a chuckle out of that because the
one iron is the hardest club not to fade or slice because it doesn’t have much waft on
it and it’s a long club. So it naturally fades. So this is a pretty good club to use under
certain circumstances. I like to use it if there is a lot of wind. So if I need to get
underneath the wind, I need more roll on the ball, or if I’ve got a dog leg right, it’s
an easy club to fade it naturally because I can just swing away and I know that it’s
going to fade. What I do is I line up this club as my guide at the practice range. They
won’t let you do this at the golf course of course. So that would be straight to my target.
So I line up parallel to that. And this is how I would hit the ball straight. This would
be a nice setup to hit a straight ball. But since I’m going to fade it I’m going to go
left to right. I’m going to open my stance. So now I’m diverging from the target to the
left. And then I line up. Now with the one iron, I might not open the face that much,
because it is such a flat face to begin with. So then I just line up, and I swing nice and
easy. So that ball will go the distance. I’ve cheated the wind a bit, and it’s gone right
where I want it. So if you can hit this club, let’s say, 230 yards or more, when you open
the face and fade it you’re going hit it probably just a little more than 190 to 210. It’s a
great club to cheat the wind. And when you need that guaranteed fade shot, the one iron
is your club.


  • If you hit that club more then 180yards i quit…

  • what a swing

  • I consistantly hit my 1 iron 250 with carry and roll BUT it is very easy to hit straight or to draw it which I normally do. Just because it is a 1 iron doesn't automatically mean it will draw. i'd love to see your hit here from behind to see where that ball ended up, it looked to be a top.

  • @jhaley12 i meant to say just because it's a 1 iron that doesn't mean it will automatically "fade".

  • Too bad the PGA allows pros to hit hybrids. Not that long irons are hard to hit, but they are harder to control and swing flaws become very apparent with 1 or 2 irons.

    I would love to see the *stack&tilters* hit it long and straight…they can't because their swing does not allow for full weight shift and proper rotation. They might get 200 yards on the 1 iron while I get 240+ with the rotary swing and hit it straight like a bullet!

    Oh the marketing gizzmos&poor instructions!!!

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