How to Swing Golf Clubs : Golf Clubs: Pitching Wedges

OK, were going to cover how to fade the pitching
wedge now. So I’m going to use this club as kind of a guide. So let’s say we were hitting,
this would be straight toward our target, let’s say we’re hitting at a green. So that
would be straight and if I was going to hit the ball straight I’d want to line up parallel
with this club here. But we’re going to fade the ball. So fade means we’re going to hit
it from left to right so it’s going to be somewhat of a slice but not as a controlled
slice so we call it a fade. So this would be how I would hit the ball straight but I’m
going to aim the ball to the left. OK, so you can see I’m no longer parallel with my
other club here. And then I open the face a little bit to provide more sidespin. And
I may put the ball a little deeper in my stance or more up in my stance depending on what
exactly what I want to accomplish here. And I just open the face and I take a normal swing
which wasn’t so good there. So we’ll try one more. So what you want to do when you fade
the ball is to avoid disasters. A lot of times if there’s water or big sand traps or a lot
of thick rough. You want to just use the fade to get you safely on the green. So that was
ok it sliced a little bit but because I had already planned that into my shot I’m not
in bad shape. So the fade is a very powerful tool to get you on the green.


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