How to Swing Golf Clubs : Golf Clubs: Sand Wedges

OK, now let’s say you want to get to the green,
we’ve got the sand wedge here, it’s highly lofted and you want to fade the ball in. And
what the fade means is you’re going to hit the ball where it starts out left and it moves
to the right. So some people slice the ball that would be considered an extreme fade.
But what we want to do in this case is this is a easier way to control the ball because
if you hit the ball straight, let’s say the pin is on the right side of the green and
you hit a full sand wedge straight it could maybe hit the green and go through the green
or it could be off-line and could put you in some type of trouble. But this way you
fade the ball and it will kind of track toward the pin and it’s a way of guiding it so it
may not be the perfect result but it leaves you, you avoid a lot of trouble. So the game
of golf a lot of times is avoiding trouble, not always doing anything super great. So
with the fade, what you do with the fade is you open the clubface. So when you hit the
ball straight, the clubface is lined up perpendicular with your target. Here you’re going to open
the clubface so it’s going to be like that but to compensate for this then you’re going
to aim to the left of the target a little bit. So generally you’re going to lose about
a clubs distance so if you hit your full sand wedge eighty yards you don’t want to fade
the ball from that distance you’ll use another club. But so you’ll use, you’ll lose a little
bit of distance when you fade it. So you just aim to the left of the target and then you’ll
open the clubface relative to your stance. And that will keep the ball right the way,
it will fade it right in on the target. And your margin for error is now in your favor.

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