How to Swing Golf Clubs : Golf Clubs: Seven Irons

Okay, now we’re into the mid irons here. We’ve
got the seven iron. As we’ve covered, when you hit this ball, this club straight, most
players are aiming to hit it between a hundred and forty and a hundred and seventy yards.
When you’re going to fade the ball, you’re going to take some distance off of it, but
you’re gaining control. So if you’re laying up on a par five, or if you’ve got to get
to a tricky green that’s got a lot of bunkers and water and trees, and you’ve got to come
in from the left side, you want to have the fade shot in your arsenal. So I would then
lay this club, this would be my straight target to the green. And then I’m going to, since
I’m going to hit the ball from left to right, I’m going to open my stance. I’m going to
aim more to the left now and I’m going to open the club face. So what this will do will
produce under spin of course, and it’s going to produce side spin, which is going to let
the club track from left to right. So I don’t want to, what most people think when you fade
the ball is you pull across the ball. But what you really, the easiest thing to do is,
is open the stance to the target line and then open the club face a little bit, and
then just take a normal swing. So you don’t have to change anything. So that was a pretty good fade. It was right
in; it’s tracking right where I want it to go. And this way if you don’t hit the perfect
shot, because you don’t want to have to hit the perfect shot to score well, if you’re
off a little bit, it’s still pretty good.

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