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Hello. I’m Brian fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And this week I solved about 45 years of frustration. It involves these things. Saty tuned. [MUSIC] Okay. So I have just recently purchased ah 3 new
pairs of shoes. All FootJoy shoes just as I have been wearing
for the last 20 odd years. Great shoes. But there has been 1 frustrating thing about
the modern shoe. Every time I buy a new pair of shoes. The laces keep coming undone. So it didn’t matter what pair of shoes they
were, what brand. The laces always kept coming undone. So I was starting to think gee these modern
laces are just not keeping up with the technology of the shoes. They keep coming undone. So I was finding myself tying single and triple
knots, double knots just trying to stop them but it wouldn’t matter how many knots I tied. The shoes kept coming undone. I found that really frustrating in the middle
of a game of golf. I would be tying my shoelaces 6 times in a
round of golf. Well this week I finally found the answer. And it seems that I am 52 years of age. I have been playing golf for about 48 years. And in the whole time I have been on the planet
I have been tying my shoes wrong. Yep. You are never too old to learn. So how was I tying the shoes wrong? Let’s take a look. So how was I tying my shoe laces wrong? Well for a start. This is the way I used to do it? I would cross over my lace like that. I would form a loop with my left hand and
go in there and poke it through the hole. And as you can see the shoelace there is running
north south. So what I discovered is that if I start the
process the same and I do that. I form the same loop and instead of going
through that way. I go around the opposite direction. And then I pull the shoe lace And now you
can see my shoelace is running east west. And the fact that it is running north south. I have only got to do that. It spins it round and becomes loose. Where as this keeps fairly stable all the
way through. And I have tied my shoelaces every single
day. I am on my feet all day and it hasn’t come
undone once. So I will show you again. Start again. So normal loop and instead of going around
the front, you go around the back and you poke it through that way. And again on this one. Poke it through. loop instead of going around the front we
go around the back and not only is it more secure I actually think it looks better. So there you have it. The reason my shoe laces kept coming undone
is I had no idea how to tie them. Now we know. That’s really solved one of the biggest frustrations
for me because I got sick of tying my shoes every few holes. And now I can just concentrate on playing
golf. So thank you for letting me help you with
your golf. I am Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And if you like my videos you can Subscribe
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