How to Trim Ski & Snowboard Boot Footbeds

Hi this is Greg at evo with some tips
for you on trim to fit footbeds. Finding the right footbed is critical to your
fit in ski and snowboard boots and the most economical way to do this is with a
trim to fit foot bed. Start by pulling the liner out of your boot and removing
the stock insole. You’ll want to pick a size just slightly larger than this for
your new trim to fit insoles. You can stand on the footbed on a hard flat
surface to see if it’s comfortable for your arch when weighted. Pick one that
matches the height and shape of your arches closely. Once you’ve chosen the trim
to fit foot bed lay the stock insole over the top, centering the heel and
aligning along the medial edge. Then trace around the perimeter with a pen and carefully trim around the perimeter
so the shape matches that of your stock insole. Check to make sure that the shape
matches as closely as possible then place your trimmed insoles back inside
the liners and feel around the toe box to make sure
that the insole isn’t rolling up. If it, is you might have to trim a very slight
amount from the perimeter to get it to lie flat. Then place the liner back in
the boot like so. Then put the boot, on buckle up, and check to make sure that if it feels
like it’s lying flat on the bottom of your boot. You’ll be amazed at the
increase in comfort and performance you get when installing these footbeds. Now
that you know how to size your trim to fit footbeds
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  • When i bought my SPKs i was advised to buy an orange superfeet insole which i used for a long time, however i kept getting pains at the top of my foot, so i switched back to the original stock insoles and I've had no problems. Just frustrating since they set me back 40 quid

  • 1:13 jesusssss manĀ 

  • I like to try the fit with the liner out of the boot, you can feel how that new insole fits

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