How Two Stroke Engines Work


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  • One of the best videos ever seen about the 2 stroke. PS you're cylinder is worn ;p

  • Life's Adventures

    excellent explanation, well done!

  • Pleas sir, Do the all videos automobile in 3D animation upload

  • so the “bang” part keep the crankshaft spinning? how does the crankshaft spin in the first place? sorry for my english not my fist language

  • what about the oil?where is the oil inside the motor??

  • This is the most learneable video i hawe ever seen of a 2stroke engines funcktion, Thenk you 🙂

  • Do you lose some air/fuel mixture in the upwards compression stroke? I'd say if you compress it but for a moment the exhaust port is opened you lose some compression and mixture.

  • Super detail and easy to understand! Thanks so much

  • Beauty of this design lie in it simplicity.

  • Folkert Cornelis

    I'm sure i missed something, but when the piston moves up again to compress the fuel air mixture, the exhaust canal is open for a small time until the piston closes that opening. Will you not lose a great deal of fuel and compression that way?

  • Brandon Sewell

    Great Video…Just to reinforce my understanding, if I have an engine that idles at 2,500 RPM is it safe to say that the piston completes 1 up/down stroke (crankshaft revolution) 2,500 times within a minute?

  • Mustaali Kapasi


  • excuse me, just think what the application render to make that animation, thanks for the response.

  • I understand what makes the piston move downwards. But I don't understand what makes it go back up.

  • Wow. You have explained it so clear. Nice video🤙

  • Is it used only in motorbikes?

  • Alabanzas y Adoración

    Does the spark causes an explosion with the combustible making the piston go up and down?

  • The exhaust port don't make since we're it's at. Because when the piston hose back up its going to push some of the fresh air and fuel mixure on its way up through the exhaust port .. there are no valves to stop it from going out through the exhaust port. Exhaust it's always open

  • I am now almost 62 and have owned more two stroke motorcycles over the years than four strokes. They're anathema to the powers that be, nowadays, so I'm compelled to be slowly dying of valve gap anxiety, solitude and yogurt.

  • its well knows 2 strokes work by act of god !

  • What is the problem if engine oil goes to exhaust ? Plz give me a advice tnx

  • Hmm not a good understanding at all the big marine engines are diesel and supercharged and you have not taken in to account the spanny on high powered bikes also a lot of the modern small marine are direct injection. You are also missing a reed or rotory port on the induction.

  • maximiliano groselj

    Lindo dibujo pero el cigueñal tiene un defecto

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme

    Explain what a reed valve is please. What a a pulse port for on atwo stroke? What is a rotary reed valve used for? How does a Rotary reed work and why do two stroke engines such as Snowmobiles and motorcycles use them if the use a carburetor?

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  • From Indonesia…

  • What keeps the fuel air mixture from escaping through the exhaust port during the compression stroke?

    Is there engine oil in the crankcase?

  • change the title , " how a two stroke engine works with a 4 stroke piston , hahaha, i see the 3rd oil ring ,

  • What program

  • Amazing thank you.

  • Great video – thanks! May be worth mentioning that the fuel is pre-mixed with lubrication oil which means the lubrication is done within the mixture and thus no need for all the complicated lubrication systems the 4-strokes need 🙂

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