I Played Golf At Kingsbarns In St Andrews Scotland

we made it to st. Andrews can’t believe
it I am playing golf outside the United States for the very first time super
pumped glad to bring y’all along we’re out here at Kingsbarns today we’re
playing the back nine’ for this nine hole vlog out here at Kingsbarns just
outside of st. Andrews Scotland super excited this is a bucket-list course for
me I’ve won in to play Kingsbarns for a very long time and because of Scotland
home of golf they’re making it happen I’ve partnered with them on this trip
they’re making all this possible thank you so much
we’re gonna go ahead and cut right to the 10th tee 390 yards pretty much dead
straightaway back into a little breeze we’re gonna take you the tee right now I
came here to sting it we’ve got a little bit of wind we’ve got a little bit of
rain we’re in Scotland we hit the fairway
165 left here in the fairway middle pin definitely a breeze into we got the rain
we’re gonna have to probably play this about 190 now let’s playing along legs
there’s a lot of wind up there already here on the first hole lesson learned
don’t hit the ball in the air I did that there we’re right down here we’re well
short of the green that’s 6-iron might have gone like 135
the wind affects it so much it like climbed incredibly and ended up well
short we’re gonna have to take a lot more Club this win really affects it
lesson learned on the first hole see if we can’t get this up and down juice
I was just important that every great round starts with a bogey from Matt
always does yep so I guess there’s gonna be a great
round sorry I did not do an intro there this is hole number 11 425 yards just
wanted to take it right at that state pretty much right where we hit it really
happy with that swing who was dead into the wind that’s supposed to play in a
long ways of 425 from here but it’s still up there these trees are kind of
blocking it I’m gonna choke it down flight it these things are awesome definitely
don’t want to be in them though we are just over have our first birdie look of
the day we have our first official car in
Scotland number 12 here are five pretty much dead straight away bends to the
left off there in the distance our target is going to be right over
there off the tee as you can see we already shed one layer yeah the rain
jacket had to go and now I’m kind of sweaty they are not joking when they say
you can see all four seasons in one day here in Scotland it’s actually pretty
cool really feel like I’m getting the full experience here 240 front edge
we’ve got 250 to the hole it is stinger time but that one just a little spinny but
right in front of the green good look for an up-and-down for birdie well that
wasn’t very good we got a long putt for birdie see if we can’t roll it in these
greens are much firmer than I’m giving them credit for it’ll definitely landed
that a bit further than I wanted to but these greens definitely are firm even
though there’s a lot of moisture on them today they bounce right back they’re
incredible I’ve just got to get used to how firm they are all righty that is a five on number 12
alright guys this is Matt he’s gonna be joining me for the next few days while
I’m here in Scotland we’re gonna be shooting some videos together what just
happened here on 12 first birdie there day and I mean what a backdrop to make
it on look at that I think I can go home now I’m done for the week I don’t need
anything more than that I’m I’m spent done what have you what a birdie first
par-3 of the day Matt would you gun it up on fall fall straight downwind down
he’ll probably play in 130 ok don’t be in that don’t be in the gourds don’t be
a night that or that just hit the green looks really good oh that almost landed
in the hole I’ve got a little gap wedge here then I will take it Matt pushed it a
little bit no that is how close it was to a hole-in-one next time next time that’s three pars in a row on to number
14 beanie had to go pullover had to go rain pants had to go we’re on to number
14 here par 4 dead straightaway 368 time for another stinger and that’s how you
sting it so it has been a bit of a long day
it’s been awesome so far flew in to Edinboro this morning got there a little
after 9:00 local time drove to st. Andrews drop their stuff off drove
straight over to King’s barns had a little lunch and it was pouring rain the
whole time wasn’t looking good and you know what we got done eating lunch and
they said we’re good to go we got to come out here play the back
nine and I’m just super excited this is a bucket list course for me so glad to
bring you all along one over through our first few holes hopefully make a couple
birdies coming in 98 yards left here pins pretty accessible looks like we got
a little backdrop to pull it back off of it’s pretty much go zone right here I’m getting a little steep leaving the
wedges out just a little right just got to hone in a bit if you hit it in this
stuff I don’t think you’re gonna find it and just to let you know these things
are like thorny that wouldn’t feel good searching for a ball in there we’re gonna get that birdie today we are
gonna get that birdie we’re just honing it and another part
here on 14 number 15 here par 3 pin is kind of up front they’re gonna be
playing about 185 pins pretty accessible see if we can’t knock it close what have
you by the way now push that tee shot just a bit right
eye you can actually see the ball over there and the sun’s coming out so I
think that means we’re getting this up and down you’re about to see where I’m
at not good all righty yes that’s where we are well
short right we’ve got some work to do we gave that one a little peek that would be another bogey
unfortunately on 216 540 yard Par 5 fairways right up there bends to the
right to it hi let it fly 245 left time to sting it we have found one of these bunkers for
the very first time today see what we can do by the way I want to show you these
rakes here they have a king’s barns these are the craziest things I’ve ever
seen look at this frake you really can’t rake
it bad it’s pretty crazy first birdie of the day right here right
now let’s go we wasn’t gonna be held shut out today that’s a birdie here on
16 our very first pin slammer here in Scotland let’s go number 17 par 4 for 32
you can see this bunker off in the distance I’m going to zoom in here right
there you just want to keep it right of that
hole bends up to the right up there it’s almost like I played this hole
before that should be about perfect this really has been an incredible round the
weather ended up being great I was freezing when he started and now I’m I’m
actually kind of sweating with this long sleeve on and pants but it feels great
you know the sun’s peaking out got two holes left one over par walking across a
little bridge here good shape here on 17 see if we can’t knock it close iron play
hadn’t been great today however it’s time to turn that around
this tee shot was a bit tighter than I gave it credit for
however split the middle 125 left to the pin and his bat left still coming up a bit short and a bit
right with the wedges I’ve got to hopefully get out to the range one of
these days and swing a few stop getting so steep on it there’s the ball right
there there’s the hole came up quite a bit short ball doesn’t travel quite as
far here we’re at sea level Aires heavy got a start clubbing up a bit more breaking that putt than I
gave it credit for one baton the speed have a little work to do I would take a two-putt from right there
all day every day number 18 here par 4 that’s the
clubhouse off in the distance you want to keep it just left you’ve got some
room probably about a 30 yard gap between a bunker on the left and the
clubhouse last two drives were exactly what we
were looking for think it was gonna be like not an hour ago I did not literally
see out the window see from where we were now you see all the way down to
trail golf for Butch’s five miles from here really yeah just round the corner
here to pray around the bone you back to Edinburgh there so what difference a
back nine can make a that’s all right all right here is where we ended up we
did not want to be too much left of that however we’re in great shape
141 left to the hole push down a little bit maybe that was a
little too much Club yeah we’re probably bout 30 feet away that putt was way faster than I thought
it was gonna be the ocean is that way should have known that we’ve got a lot
of work to do and that’s another comeback right there we’ll take that par
on 18 what an afternoon this was amazing out here at Kings barns this was a
bucket list round for me we got to play the back nine here started off as a
monsoon and ended as a perfect summer day
thanks so much to Scotland home of golf for making this all happen this has been
incredible enjoyed playing along with Matt and Liam
great playing partners today also linked Matt’s socials down below check them out
we’ll be doing some more content with him this week if you all enjoy this kind
of content please toss a little like that would be greatly appreciated
comment below some future content you’d like to see and make sure to subscribe
below as well we finished today’s round at 1-over couple bogeys one birdie we
didn’t get shut out on the birdies we had one pin slammer really enjoy today’s
round and until next time we’ll see you when we see ya


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