If Soccer Was Invented Today ft. Arturo Castro

– Hi.
– Hey, Hamilton. Please, tell us the team
had a brilliant idea. We need something huge. I have something huge for you. We heard you were doing it.
What is it? It’s called… “Soccer.” “If soccer was invented today.” Soccer? What is that? Well, you know how people like
baseball, basketball, tennis and things like that? Are you asking us
if we know what sports are? – We do, Hamilton.
– Then you’re going to love this. Because what is more fun than watching two teams
running around for 90 minutes? Wait a second.
Explain it again. Picture a football field. Now picture the players
all scattered through the field. Everywhere. I see, it’s like basketball. Players are always looking
to score points, right? Not at all.
No, sometimes nothing happens, not even in 40 minutes. Sometimes, they don’t even score
one point in the entire game, Then, the crowd and the players
go back home. Okay, so sounds like scoring points
is really hard and complicated. No. It’s just putting a ball in a net. Is the net small? No, it’s huge. You could even catch a dolphin
with that net. Well, they’re running
for 90 minutes and then they’re throwing a ball
into a net. Hey, hey. But you can’t use your hands. But it’s the more skilled part
in the human body. Maybe yours is. Am I right?
Come on. Skilled hands,
because he touches– The point is,
you’re totally right. You can’t use your hands. Unless you are the goalie. The goalie can use his hands
and he’s the one to blame for everything in the game. And in life, in general. The idea sounds somewhat hard. But the sports industry
in the U.S. makes millions. So with that said,
we could… No, it’ll be a total failure
in the U.S. What? But they love sports. Sports where they use
their hands. Baseball, basketball–
hands, hands, hands. Hey, let’s not lie. Hands are fantastic. Hamilton, please! We are going to reject
this soccer idea. Okay? Okay.
Wait a minute. Wait. What if I told you… that we’ll give one of these things
to everyone in the crowd? – I love it!
– That sounds like fun. I love how noisy it is. Win or lose!


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