Imperial College London Medics Football: Sports Insights

(dramatic music) – I’ve never really wanted to play any other sport other than football. Coming to Uni, I didn’t really understand that there would be separate
teams at some universities for medics and college football teams. But, in hindsight, I think it’s
actually a really good idea. It allows us to be with more
like-minded individuals. I met the football club
at the Freshers’ Fair, they were the first
football club that I met, obviously the other football club is IC, and I had no reason to go anywhere else, they were great guys. (upbeat electronic music) – So at Imperial we
have two football clubs, the medical school football club, and the Imperial College football club. And ever since the medical school joined Imperial about 20 years ago, all the sports clubs
have been kept separate, and that’s partly because medical students have
a different timetable that might not be easy to work around the other Imperial students, and also because the med school is formed of various smaller med schools that came together under
the umbrella of Imperial, and they brought with them
their own sports teams. I think if you’re
interested in playing sport, in particular football,
whilst at medical school, you should really consider
doing it in London, because you get to play
with other medical students, against the other universities in London, as well as the other medical schools. And there’s such a high
density of teams to play that we get regular football twice a week. I was interested in being club captain because I felt like I
could make a difference. I had some ideas that I
thought would improve the club, and also I wanted to kinda give back. – So at the start of
the year we hold trials, to trial our fresher students or any other students from any other years that wanna come play for the club. This year, I played for the first team, but there is a lot of fluidity
between the four teams, and so people can move up and down based on their development or just whether or not they
wanna play as frequently. – So I joined the football club right from the start of my first year, and was basically there just to have fun. My responsibilities increased
throughout that time. In third year I captained first team which was quite a lot of
work on a weekly basis. This year I sort of oversee
the club on the whole, particularly regarding kind
of off the field matters. In the medical school football club, we have four teams of varying abilities and competitiveness, and each one is run by their
own respective captain. We have about 85 paying members, all of those play sport at some point throughout the year, to varying degrees, and most of them are active
socially to some extent. – Because you train twice a week, and you play twice a week,
it is difficult to find time because you are tired after, but it’s worth it
because it’s so much fun, and you can make the
time to catch up in work. – As medical students, we
get use of the Reynold’s Bar, which is on the ground floor
at Charing Cross Hospital, and it’s the place we go
after our football matches, usually for socials every Wednesday, and yeah, it can get pretty
rowdy, pretty messy night. Socially, every week we
also go out on a Wednesday, so every Wednesday is sports night, which some weeks might be special, so this week we have club bowling club, we either go bowling
and then out to a club. Some weeks it’s just casual at Reynold’s. Personally, my favorite bit of the week is the Wednesday and the Saturday, because we get to play matches, and I just love football. The social highlight for
me this year, so far, has probably been UH Sports Night, where all the medical schools
come together, from London. Finding the right balance
between football and work can be quite hard sometimes, especially within our first years. The main factor that kind of helps us out is really the older years, and they kind of just guide you and will tell you what you
should be doing and when. With their help it becomes quite easy to find out the right balance. – [Michael] So, it’s great
to be in the football team because there’s high morale,
the socials are amazing, and all the lads are brothers. (calm electronic music) – If you’re interested in hearing more about the world’s top universities, don’t forget to subscribe.


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