India’s 15 year old TT prodigy | India Plays – S1E05

My name is Diya Chitale. I am 15 years old, I am a Table Tennis player
and I am the current U-15 National champion. Nice. When I won the U-15 title, it was really great
because I beat players who were older than me. Diya started playing Table Tennis
more as a hobby, rather than anything else. The first ever tournament that she entered,
she won the Bronze medal. I realized that if I really want to do something… Then I have to do something different
from the other players in India. In the second year of tournaments itself,
Diya became the district champion. Then there was no looking back… Practically, we gave it everything that we had. Moved from the District to the State levels,
State to the National level… Over a period of time, International level… Diya’s coach Dr. Sachin Shetty said, “If the
goal is to win something at the international level… Then we need to take the training to the next level.” I am training Diya from the past 5 years. Good thing about Diya is the sincerity, discipline… Which is no match for the other players. So the decision to go to Germany
actually came from Diya’s coach. I felt that at this age,
she needs the specific training… Where her basic are more improved,
her actions are more correct, more consistent. So at any moment of time..
9-All or 10-All, her actions are the same. So that correction I wanted to give her,
that she should train in Germany. Peter Engel, who is Diya’s coach in Germany
used to be the Indian Team coach till some time back. Sachin Sir was aware of Peter Engel and his capabilities… And that’s why he mentioned that Peter would be the
best person, and that’s how we finalised on Germany. … To start training over there
with the foreign players… And that’s really helped me because I get to know
how the foreign players are also playing… And that allows me to bond with them… So when I play against them, I am not
that scared and I am used to the conditions. So over there is bit different than what it’s here,
because over there it’s mainly like more of training. In the morning like 07:00 – 09:30 we practice
multi balls for 1 hour or something, till 10:30. And then we start again at 04:00.
04:00-06:30 we play… And then from 06:30 to 07:30 / 08:00,
we have fitness. She has represented Asian team for the
World Cadet challenge twice … First year was an experience… Second year she won the Gold medal
in the team event for the Asian team… Twice Sub-junior National champion…
This shows the calibre. And she is one of the few players who
has been supported by Olympic Gold Quest. My mom and Dad…
They are the ones behind all of this! Without their support, nothing would have been possible! To make a champion child, you just have to
follow their dreams, that’s what I feel… If Diya loves the game, I just blindly follow her. Get up at 05:30 in the morning,
go for class in Goregaon… Take her clothes for school, get ready there…
Go to school… Come back at 04:30 Again go for training… Come back at 10:00…
Do a little bit of homework… And the whole week would be like that. She leaves all her work and is always there for me… And my Dad… Even though he is here,
he works really hard just to support me And they are always there for me…
no matter what happens. I don’t see what my schedule is…
It’s just Diya, Diya and Diya. I think whatever makes the child happy
and the hard work what they put in… There is going to be a champion there! I still have to learn a lot and
still have to work really hard… In 2020, mostly I want to play at the Olympics… I feel that Table Tennis is my entire life now.


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