• Why on earth would they want to sell it – her son's could do what this devloper is doing – renovate and rent to special clients such as golf pro's etc…why oh why? It is beautiful – it is historic – it could be a money generator! You don't sell something like this!!! This is so special plus – I find the fact it got sold for 300k very suss – c'mon guys!!!!!

  • Just 300,000 man i.wouldve bought that house

  • yes it sounds like the house has sold for cheap but it needs a lot of renovation… also what people don't understand is no matter where you buy in Detroit it's much muchcheaper then other parts of the country…. real estate value is not good due to the economy and loss of jobs ….no one is really hanging out in Detroit like that.

  • This is not the primary residence where she was living when she died.

  • Unnecessary to mention forclosure just classless and tacky.

  • 300k? Damn they Should've Kept it. That's a beautiful Home.

  • He should restore it and charge for people to see it like they did Graceland for Elvis.

  • I would love to see it win it's finished 😊

  • I bet that house is full of satanic spirits, he’ll no

  • Highest level of satanism, no body and I mean nobody becomes a legend without pleasing Satan the more you please it the higher the ranks , she was on the highest level along with Jackson, etc

  • why was she not living in this home 10 years prior to her death??? does anybody know why?

  • Glad the Brother purchased it…Great home!!

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