IRON SWING VS DRIVER SWING – Whats the difference?

hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for
joining us this week is there a difference between your iron swing and
your driver swing you probably think so wouldn’t you
you’re out the Golf Course you can hit you driver well sometimes but for some
reason you can’t hit your irons or vice versa you’re hitting your irons really
well but you can’t hit your driver why is that the case well there’s certainly
a difference in the way you should set up to both of them and there’s also a
slight difference in the way you should approach the golf swing in this week’s
training I’m gonna give you exactly how to set up to both I’m gonna give you some golf
swing things that you can do for both your iron and your driver swing and a
couple of drills and a special bonus that will really really help before we
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week to try and help you improve your game so what are we trying to do with an
iron and a driver well both are very similar in what we’ll try to do with a
ball flight to get maximum distance and and flight we want a lovely high
launching trajectory through the sky now with a driver in theory it should be
easier the ball is teed up its a lot easier to hit it higher with it iron it’s like
different because the balls on the ground so the question is how do you do
both well let’s start with in the initial setup the first thing look I’ve
got a ten and a half degree driver here most people use in ten and a half to
twelves some even know how to you do not need to worry about the ball going too
high we want to get that ball launched up in the air so that’s the number one
objective so the key is is how do we go about doing it the first thing is in the
setup if you want to get the ball launching up into the sky here what’s
going to help here is we’re going to get the ball position off the heel of the
lead foot here we don’t want it back here we want in a sense our bodies in a
position in a sense to get watch this good exercise for you here she’s just a
tip forward here this gets the body in an angle position to get that ball
launched up in the air we push the ball forward that helps so suddenly now what
we have is this we have the club head we have the hand
they’ll behind the club head and we have the head behind the handle now the other
thing I’ve done with a driver setup here is you’ll notice that my feet are there
not narrow they’re slightly wide by moving this right foot back here it
helps me to drop the right shoulder and get behind the golf ball all factors
that are going to help me look get that ball or hit that ball up here a
lot of fun at times that my weight is possibly favoring the back foot slightly
but what I’m not doing here some people mistake this by trying to sit back here
that’s not what we’re after noticed I’ve done this I’ve simply tipped forward and
now I’m ready to strike the driver here let’s have a look now at the difference
between this and a iron so we then iron a drive you definitely need to hit the
center of the face and nothing is more important than that with an iron look
well look at the face this is a 7-iron and this is where the loft is that is
what gets the ball up in the air the loft of the golf club not us trying to
get underneath the ball try and lift it or help it up in the air it’s the angle
of this so we have to make sure that the angle hits the golf ball how do you do
that what’s the best way of doing that well if we were to set up to an iron
like we’re driver and try to get underneath it watch this we ended up
being behind here and we’re moving the angle away from the ball increasing like
that we’ll hit the bottom part the club and get that ball flying along the
ground so what we do is we put the angle towards the bar increase the likelihood
that it’s going to get up in the air this is how you do that in your setup so
your board becomes much more central as opposed to forward your handle now is on
inside left thigh you’ve got a lot more takács forward shaft lean here this
stance is a little bit narrow this kind of brings in a sense the weight more
even it brings up this right shoulder so chef’s see the stance is a bit narrower
here and you’ll notice that my shoulders are much much more level at this stage
my sternum is much more over the golf ball as opposed to behind it where it
was with the driver and all this is in a sense getting me now to have a very
different of impact a different type of strike let
me explain so with a driver we were trying to launch the ball up off the tee
because we can cut it’s on a tee with an iron we can a up so we have to hit
slightly more down I want to imagine this a driver is like a plane the impact
through impact I say a driver is like a plane taking off an iron sure is like a
plane coming in and just landing so let’s show you the difference so watch
that a driver is like a plane take it off
ie the clubface the plane taking off and an iron is like the plane coming down
and then landing now it’s not coming down and just crashing it’s coming down
and learning so that becomes this gliding if I’ve got a couple of great
drills will really help with it’s in a second but that’s the image I want you
to look for all right let’s now look at the drills to help you hit both of these
really really well so you’ve got yourself set out with Drive here you can
realize now that what we try to do is we want the driver to be like the club head
to be like a plane taking off we want it to go up through the ball so that we
want to kind of have some exercise that make that simple or great visuals well
just stack it stick a tee peg in front of the golf ball here I’ve put about six
to eight inches and then all I’m going to do is make some swings hit that ball
and miss the tee peg on the way through simple as that lovely towering launching trajectory
that’s going to go a real decent distance what do you do with the iron
well get the iron take a ball this time leave the tea pig in the ground push it
down maybe a little bit further now so we’re going to push it a bit lower and
I’m going to move the ball now probably I say an inch couple inches behind the
tea peg and then what we’re going to do nice and simple is we now need to use
that same tea peg to hit this ball we’re going to take the tea peg out of the
ground as you can see I’ve taken a tea pick out
the ground I hit the ball I made it a turf and I’ve got this lovely pure
strike simple as that now let’s have a look at a bonus video which will really
really help particularly out the Gulf across a great cost it such a simple one
for you this one this exercise so every tea on a golf course generally is a
rating there’s always a slope leading up to it well before you get on the next
tee you want to learn how to fuel that plane taking off with a driver look at
this I’m on an upslope here and my right foot is a lot lower than my left I’m
hitting up the slope I can now feel what it’s going to be
like to get that Club taking off up into the sky I’m swinging up the slope back
swing down here I’m going to hit straight down into the ground a lovely
feeling of innocence get that feel of swinging up the Swope nice and nice and
easy and all you do with an iron is reverse it so so with an iron look have
a look at this the reverse is true I’m now gonna get sensation I’m the club the
plane is coming into land here and my weight is favoring my lead foot here my
left foot and I’m swinging down and through a great way to get the sensation
of innocence swinging and hitting those are heads it’s a super simple one up
slope to feel the driver downslope to feel the ions works really really well
so before I get into the summary I put a free driver cost down in the description
below which you can access completely for free
it goes into a slightly more depth into into the setup how you can be more
accurate we driver and how you can generate stacks more club head speed as
well that driver course is free for you down below so go check it out but in
summary what have we done today well with a driver you want to imagine the
plane is taking off launch it up into the sky with an iron you want to imagine
the plane is coming down and landing through impact how do you do that honey
make sure that I increase our likely that that’s going to happen with your
driver well you push the ball forward so it’s opposite the inside heel of your
lead foot you put the handle behind the ball your
head behind the handle and you have a slightly wider stands here so you can
drop that trail shoulder here in a position to launch that ball up in the
air that’s how you start off with the driver with an iron you’ve got to
remember that it’s the loft that gets the ball up in the air not you so you’ve
got an increase a licker that that’s gonna happen you’re gonna do that by
moving the ball slightly back in your stance Critz much more shuffling hands
opposite inside left thigh here you narrow it up you’re down to your
leveling off your shoulders a little bit here and then the image in your mind is
to be coming up and down here like the planes landing and don’t forget to use
the special simple exercise you can do it on the side of a tee where basically
you get the feeling just of you if you’re ticking it’s a great way to
actually kind of before you actually go and play hit the tee shot it to get on
that tee get a feel of hearing up and if you’d be swinging with your eye in play
just before a little bit of practice go on the down slope of the tee
and just get the sensation of that plane coming down this way it will really
really help God if you enjoy the training maybe we give it a thumbs up
and share with some people who may struggle with either driver or their eye
in play will really really help and of course look if you’re new to
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help you out next week but until next week have a great golfing week

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