• Luke Daniel Borel

    You are the only one that has picked up on the fact that his hips drift back during his down swing. I play that way myself, and what it does is to restrict you hip turn, while at the same time doing the reverse of the hip movement that happens on the forward swing, but doing the reverse of the follow through hip movement on the back swing. It keeps the club in front of you even if your upper torso is facing away from the target. Also is you slide your hips away from the target during the back swing, then at impact your hips and torso will be facing the ball, which is the most desirable position on can be in, in that you are square and you will never get stuck by keeping the club in front of you during the back swing.

    It is all in the timing of the hips. If you want your hips and torso to be facing the ball at impact, then you must move your hips away from the target during the back swing. If you do not move your hips away from the target during your back swing, then your hips will turn too much and you will get stuck. Also, the lead left hip needs to be below the right trail hip to start the down swing. As you start down, your hips will be level at impact, and in the follow through , the lead left hip will be higher than the right trail hip.

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  • Great Video. Thanks for the upload. Question. What software are you using to draw the lines and go backwards and forwards. Its awesome! Especially the slow motion.

  • Hi Adam,Great channel.  Keep up the great work.Over time you will get loads more subscribers!Looks like you are fairly new to YouTube.You are doing a great job.  Nice clean, easy to follow instructions.Keep it coming!!Thanks,From Simon and son Teo, at The Sands Golf Course in Torquay, Victoria, Australia.We are lucky enough to live off the 18th Tee!

  • My son played junior golf, and played with Jason on several occasions. I think what Jason and many of the tour players have is a tremendous will to succeed. Unfortunately my son, like so many others, lost interest when they discovered that raw talent also requires relentless practice and sacrifice. It never 'just happens'. These guys on tour are good beyond our imagination.

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