Join us for the 2013 International Stroke Conference!

(exotic flute music) (aggressive tribal drumming) – Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii. I’m Kazuma Nakagawa a proud member of the American Heart Association, American Stroke Association,
a staff neurointensivist at the Queen’s Medical
Center’s Neuroscience Institute and an assistant professor of medicine at the John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii. (upbeat ukelele music) I wanna personally invite
you to come to Honolulu for the American Heart Association, American Stroke Association’s International Stroke
Conference, February sixth through eighth, 2013. The AHA ASA is a first
time visitor to the city of Honolulu. Located on the island of
Oahu which is known as the gathering place. This is a very exciting time in the field of cerebral vascular disease
to gather with colleagues from all around the world. The rate of discovery of new
diagnostic and therapeutics for stroke has never been greater and the International
Stroke Conference provides unique opportunities
to meet with colleagues from around the world with
wide-ranging research interests and expertise in stroke
prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Special symposia and debates
will focus on numerous topics including acute nonendovascular treatment, in-hospital treatment,
rehabilitation and recovery, pediatric stroke,
intraparenchymal hemorrhage, preventive strategies,
experimental mechanisms and models community risk factors,
nursing, emergency medicine, outcomes, vascular biology, and vascular cognitive impairment. Sessions in surgical and
interventional categories will focus on aneurysm, acute
neuroimaging, cerebrovascular occlusive disease, acute
endovascular treatment, subarachnoid hemorrhage and
other neuro ICU management, and vascular malformations. In addition to the
exceptional education at the International Stroke
Conference, you can also register to attend the state of the art stroke nursing symposium or the
ISC pre-conference symposium on February fifth, 2013. The International Stroke
Conference gives you the opportunity to connect
with your stroke peers from around the globe,
network with exhibitors displaying the latest and
greatest stroke products and services and experience
exceptional education and cutting edge technology all while enjoying the beauty
and serenity of Honolulu. Hawaii’s like no other place on earth. Marvel at Oahu’s
spectacular natural wonders like Diamondhead and
Hanauma Bay nature preserve. Take your first surf session
in Waikiki, then attend a luau at sunset and watch authentic hula. Explore Hawaii’s rich history and culture at the Iolani Palace,
King Kamehameha’s statue, and Kawaiaha’o Church all
within a block of each other. Then indulge in a taste of
Hawaii regional cuisine. Or perhaps Hawaii’s most unique
feature is its Aloha spirit. The warmth of Hawaii’s people
that wonderfully complements the island’s perfect temperatures. E komo mai, please come join us. I hope to see you Honolulu, Hawaii for the International Stroke
Conference, February sixth through eighth, 2013. So mark your calendar and learn
more at

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