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hi guys welcome back to street soccer
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you when new videos come first so check out today’s move so today’s move is a Ryan Giggs feint
it’s like where he’s faking to go one way and then he can accelerate to go
another way now what’s different about his movies he
doesn’t sort of just use one foot to move he uses both feet in this whole
body to move one way I’m going to show you that now Silas shows the move mate okay so step one what we’re going to do
is we’re going to pretend to go to our left okay and if you notice what Silas
did he stepped stepped in and sort of faked with his foot, too to pretend to
kick but then his foot comes down right beside the ball, correct, okay show so again and then step two is simple depending on
I guess where your defender is or where you want to go normally it’s you fake
one way but then you take to the outside of the foot and go the other way so step
two is take the ball with the outside of your foot the opposite direction the
opposite direction that’s what your fate so guys that’s another video over make
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