Letting The Eagles Fly In Part 2 Of The 2 Ball Scramble | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day this is part two from the two ball scramble challenge currently seven
under through the first nine holes gonna be playing the back nine’ for part two
roughly playing it total from about 70 100 yards for both nines for the full
eight team we’re ready to take it low let’s see if we can’t pretty every hole
here on the back nine maybe sprinkling an eagle or two you
never know gonna take you to ten right now number ten here in Nashville golf’s
a par 3 playing about 186 from where the tees are set today
that’s 7-iron in hand pin is pretty much middle a little on the right side not a
whole lot of green to work with so our number needs to be precise we’re gonna
let it fly first when I hit there really well
second one not too bad we’ve got some options up there wanted to get out and
film this video as soon as I could so you didn’t have to wait long today’s my
birthday so I’m not taking my birthday off we’re out here filming part two to
this two ball challenge so I hope you’ll enjoy and it being my birthday maybe
this is gonna be a special little 9 hole round we’ll see let’s go over all the
rock walking up here there’s the second ball little right just a fraction long
first ball is right over there that is actually in pretty good shape about 20
feet a little left-to-right breaker would be a great start to the round Oh
all right good line just need a little more face well you know that’s a part here to
start on number 10 just like in part 1 the first hole was
gonna be our most difficult hole to birdie number 10 are starting hole here
on the back 9 also our most difficult hole to birdie for this 9 gave ourselves
a look didn’t roll it in that’s alright on to 11 par-4 417 yards pretty much
straight away we’re gonna be aiming at that hill off in the distance
bombs away with driver it’s hot out here really and those are almost identical balls
right there we’ll take them all right walking up here there’s one there’s the
other one normally everything kind of kicks off this slope comes back down
into the fairway didn’t quite get the bounce on those two but it’s alright 100
yards left to a back left pin location all right little short little right see
if we can improve on it that’s the let shot we’re looking for
right there walking up here here’s where the first time landing rolled out to
their second one landed right over here that is what we’re looking for
got a bit more aggressive when we’re in good shape with the first one let’s roll
this in this would be huge get us on a roll making some birds let’s go tweeter
right here on 11 you know we’re a big fan of those birthday pin Slammers let’s
go number 12 par-4 410 yards Green sits off kind of back in this direction here
so a little cut over this bunker here on the right side is perfect butter cut
driver all day long we’re having twins off the tee so far
with driver those are about the same just like on 11 like I said twins yep
right there 85 yards left to a middle pen I normally would go put the camera
behind the pin however camera is overheating needs to stay in the shade
as long as possible so gonna have to stay here for this shot 85 yards left
lob wedge in hand from here that look pretty good might be
a little short not sure uh-huh that’s look pretty good might be
just a fraction short but we’ll go check alright I was right here was the second
one this was the first one really not too bad decent look from here about 20
feet up the hill left to right breaker all right that might have been a bit
aggressive think same line just less speed all right well not quite what
we’re hoping for there on 12 133 here on the back nine not off to the hottest
start however we have three par 5s left no worries working on get going now it’s
time to start scoring 13 through 18 are the scoring holes out here at Nashville
Gulf let’s hit some bombs let’s make some putts number 13 par-5 bins up the
hill to the right our target line is just over that third bunker you see
they’re kind of short left of that tree get high let it fly no one was hit well we’ll hit this one
maybe take it a little bit further right that is what we’re looking for out of
driver right there here’s our first ball right here second ball is up here in the
shade that ball was bombed 185 left to a
middle pen let’s go alright so once I actually walked off the number I was
kind of guesstimating before I’m a little closer than I thought 182 the
whole place about 10 yards uphill so I’ve got a full 7-iron first one was a little short right
second one wasn’t too bad just a little right got a decent look at Eagle here
was the first one right here second one right up here this one’s the one we’re
going with about 25 feet left to the hole if you think there’s any chance of
the ball rolling fairly true through a fringe even if you’re five or six feet
off the fringe I always recommend to putt it when you can putt it
only chip it if you have to Hey
oh I thought that was in alright we’re gonna move that to the other side I
thought that was in the whole time I can’t remember exactly where I was I
think it was somewhere right in here boy I thought that was in Hey
that was a good role I was good effort I’m gonna put this one back to where it
was tap it in for another pin slammer birdie here on 13 all right that moves
us to 2-under on the back nine here sorry I’m a little out of breath walking
up that hill 9-under total onto 14 par 3 144 yards
we need a birdie here get a little momentum going into the final stretch of
four holes let’s go I’ve got a full pitching wedge here and that’s all looking for let’s go
alrighty there is for the first one landed and there is the second one let’s
go let’s roll rock yes reducers for the momentum let’s go birdie here on 14 definitely hitting a few wedges better
than I have been very happy about that been working on it just a bit so seeing
a slight improvement there 3-under on the back nine on to 15 par-5
544 yards straightaway does Bend just a bit back to the left but the tee shot
plays very straight both of those were hit decent just
pulled a little bit first one stayed in the fairway should be in good shape may
have to play a little draw around the tree but I’m not really sure I’m looking
at the angle now may not hardly have to you know we’re going for it I didn’t
come here to lay out let’s go all right here’s the first one second one is right
up there there we go – 15 left – a middle pin full sin with 5-iron really not too bad right side of the
grain I’m not sure if it fell don’t want to say it but some might call
that a shank I said it yeah that second one yeah I was just getting ready for
the next hole 16 with the second one tee off over there yeah that’s how it’s done
first one’s in good shape all righty walking up here there’s the
first one right there really I’m pretty good shape there about 30 feet left to
the hole the second ones yeah somewhere over there we won’t worry about it this
one’s good let’s go whoo I hit that with a lot of
pace with that hit sitter in the cup popped up let’s go that’s an eagle yes
sir yeah that was a I tried to drop the
camera there that was not smooth but a camera drop should never be smooth
that’s an eagle here on 15 let’s go number 16 par 4 432 yards kind of a
dogleg left there’s water on the other side of this water that you can’t really
see our target line it’s going to be just to the right of that tree kind of
right there at those bunkers you see off in the distance
we’ve got driver we even hit a little baby drone right
there with that second one those bow should be nice dessert let’s see that is
5-under on the back nine 12-under total we need just one bird the last three to
shoot 59 I’m looking for more like 57 that is the target number with that
Eagle going down there in the birdie home 14 see if we can’t get to fit to 7
comment below what do you think are we gonna get to 57 comment where you think
we’re gonna end up three holes left par for part three and part I’ve let me know
alright here is one ball right there the other ones right there if you’ve played
here in national golf before you know I hit those well very happy with both of
those drives 60 yards left to a front pen let’s knock this close what along that’s right might have gotten a little over amped
after that Eagle a little juiced on those two wedges hit them both clean
just a little long as you can see right there both a little long have about 20
feet left for birdie should be breaking a little left to right downhill the
whole way let me in the door are you kidding me we
are rolling the rock today those might be back to back to two longest plus I’ve
made in a long time let’s go let’s go let’s go the energy is flowing right now
very excited yeah however don’t let the emotions take
control it’s okay to get excited but get right back to focused get those emotions
get that heart rate back down focus on the next shot at hand number 17 par 3
175 yards metal pan full sand 8-iron that thing laying it closed I’m pretty
sure might be just a fraction long that was probably one of my best irons I hit
in a while really happy with the tempo we saw have another ball I’m not gonna lie the game is feeling
really good right now a lot of confidence flowing let’s go make this
putt really happy with how we’re swinging it right now the putters
dropping some bombs we’re trending this has been a fun round awesome to do this
on my birthday so let’s see if we can’t run a couple more see how low we can go
alright so there’s the second one first one’s just long a really pretty good got
about 15 feet straight up the hill both of those are about the same
distance however the first one I hit is straight down the hill a little more
delicate putt I’d rather be able to hit something with a little pace kind of up
the hill a little left-to-right breaker but let’s roll it in the putter is
feeling hot can we keep it going all right not quite as much breaking
that as I thought and be a little more aggressive here straighter line at it I thought I did I don’t know dad that’s
apart here on 17 6-under through 8 holes here on the back 13 under through 17
holes for the full two-part challenge want 18 par-5 we’ve got a chance for an
eagle here do need to hit a bomb off the tee to be able to go for this green in
two because it does play a little ways from back here
number 18 par-5 kind of want to hit it through this gap there that you see
between the trees 597 yards full send driver those a bit left however there’s a lot
of room over there so it’ll be fine just not in the fairway we’ve got some decisions to make got
wasn’t our best effort off the tee today actually probably our worst hit one left
it one right let’s go find them alrighty here’s the second one however I
see the first one right over there it’s actually pretty good shape it’s a great
angle into the green so we’re gonna go with the one I hit left alright here’s
where we are these trees right here they’re not in
our way hole and green right over there 250 left to the pen we are gonna try to
hoist a 4-iron let’s go it is gonna take everything in this for iron this is
normally the standard Club but we’re gonna send this to the moon I was so excited and I’m still excited
however camera overheated for the second shot and I hit it really well it’s
actually pudding it’s kind of like left front corner I
always have very long ways for me to hit a 4-iron very happy with that so sorry
I wasn’t able to get that on camera yeah I am really disappointed but happy at
the same time hope you can feel my pain we’ve got an eagle pipe there is the
first one here is the second one right up here yes sir we are putting let’s go
about 40 45 feet left here for Eagle we have a putt for 15 under and a 57
if this goes that would be amazing – Paul will leave us a 58 Lesko probably should have moved that pebble
probably would have been the right call there we’re gonna go ahead and move that
now we’re gonna move this out of the way as well let me in the door are you kidding me
that’s two Eagles on the day the putter is feeling good yes that’s another
camera drop Wesco drop a light down below if you enjoyed two Eagles on the
back nine as much as I did that was so much fun to celebrate the
birthday with 8-under on the back nine 15 under total 57 for the two ball
scramble I’m really happy with the way the game is heading I’ve been putting a
little practice in and it’s starting to pay off some wedge shots are getting
better the putter caught fire that might be the most length of putts made for a
nine that I’ve had in a very long time that was a lot of fun if you like this
kind of content subscribe below that would be greatly appreciated and for
everyone who’s been here thank you so much for your support the channel has
seen a lot of growth lately and I couldn’t be done without you thank you
so much and y’all until next time we’ll see you when we see ya


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