LINE 2019/2020 Tom Wallisch Pro Skis – Be Like and Ski Like The Best

hey what’s up everybody Tom Wallisch
here showing you guys the brand new Tom Wallisch Pro and again year after year
this is my go-to ski for everything park shredding urban rails, it’ll jib like no
other but you get it in the air and it’s stoppable pop-able grab-able and just
great for all those jumps so good in the air it’s one of the sniffers snappier
like poppy skis in the line i ski it straight out of the box there’s not
custom builds there’s not special skis for me this ski that you’re gonna buy at
your local ski shop is exactly the same one I’ve got on my feet so any trick
you’ve seen in the videos it was done on the same ski you can go out and buy the
tapered tip and tails and how light the swing weight is on this thing you’re
gonna be spending 450’s 630’s 810’s get spinning I don’t care it’s awesome it it
can really be dynamic and it’s gonna hold up for you we’ve been working year
after year to make this thing stronger sturdier I’ll ride urban rail trip
slidin down concrete on stairs I mean bases will get a little banged up but
like the edges are so strong it’s dirty that double thickness to it makes it
just so good on and off rails it works great for me but it’s also approachable
really I just love it and I wouldn’t be riding anything else


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