LSU Rehabilitating Stroke Patients Through Adaptive Guitar

♪♪ The initial idea came about from personal experience so I knew someone who was a guitar player before, and they had a stroke and they kind of had that thought to try to figure out some ways to get back to the activity that they really enjoy doing before this. The prototype is a device that sits on the neck of the guitar, and it has servo mechanisms on the inside, which can apply pressure to the strings of the guitar to fret the strings in any chord shape that you want. Basically, we have programmed it to where the user can step on a pedal, and that sends a signal to the computer that runs the device. I come in and help Dr. Kuznetsov run the project and just, you know, like bring in participants and help set them up for it. So I’m running the project and research, and, as well, I’ve been involved in some electronical adjustment to put everything together and some coding and some analysis of the results, as well. The big idea for the research is to examine to what extent that actually improves your motor impairment and motor function. ♪♪

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