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whether you like them or not
baseball brawls will always be part of Major League Baseball the 1990s had some
of the greatest baseball brawls of all time
nanny Sports nostalgia presents MLB brawls the top five best baseball fights
in the 1990s and don’t forget if you like this video to subscribe give us a
like and check out more 9t sports nostalgia material a simple sacrifice
bunt attempt and a simple tag out resulted in one of the wildest moments
in MLB brawl history this Anaheim Angels Los Angeles Dodgers brawl in 1999 was
that one of the more violent baseball fights but this been kicked by Dodgers
pitcher Chan Ho Park and angels pitcher Tim Belcher was when the most unique
moments during an MLB brawl according to park when Belcher applied the tag Parc
responded by asking Belcher why did you do that Belcher then fouled by Tom Park
to get the F out of here subsequently chaos ensued after the exchange of words
in a 1990 contest between the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies Mets
pitcher Dwight Gooden the two Phillies hitters with pitches earlier in the game
when Gooden came up to the plate in the fifth inning Phillies pitcher Pat Combs
who right at doc Gooden and without any hesitation good and charged the mound
this brawl lasted 20 minutes and included a major attempt by Mets
outfield or Darryl Strawberry to viciously get at Phillies catcher Darren
Daulton who roughed up good enough trying to protect his teammate Combs 46
year old Nolan Ryan a 26 year old Robin Ventura and then this happened this
Chicago White Sox Texas Ranger brawl happened in the 1993 season when both
teams were part of the AL West and competing for that AL West Division
title prior to this matchup Ventura warned his
teammates about Ryan possibly retaliating after previous incidents
between the Ryan Express and the White Sox after the game the Gold Glove third
baseman stated this if you know the game is no secret what he was doing if you
don’t think he did it on purpose you don’t know the game in 1996 the Houston
Astros and the Montreal Expos when hunt for postseason births but during a
game in mid-august Expos Slugger Henry Rodriguez charged Astros pitcher Danny
Darwin after being hit by a pitch this brawl included Expos outfielder Moises
Alou thrown a helmet from a close distance an Astros manager Terry counts
and four stitches above his left but the most incredible part of this brawl was a
battle between the six foot eight Jeff Juden and five foot eight John Cangelosi
Darwin intentionally threw at Rodriguez because the Astro starter thought that
Rodriguez admired his home one that he hit off with Darwin too long in the
previous inning the greatest brawler in the 1990s transpired in 1998 between the
Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees Yankees outfielder Bernie
Williams hit a three-run homer off Orioles fireball relief pitcher Armando
Benitez in the eighth inning on the very next pitch Benitez hit Tino Martinez
right in the back this enraged the Yankees as relievers graham lloyd and
Jeff Nelson rushed from the bullpen to take on the hot-headed Benitez the
Yankees anger continued to strengthen greatly as Jill strawberry got a clean
shot on Benitez although you truly can’t determine if this maid wall had any
consequences the Yankees did finish the 1998 season with incredible 114 wins in
48 losses and the first of three consecutive World Series championships
meanwhile the Orioles who were postseason participants the previous two
seasons began to slowly dwindle down in the standings for several years to come
and healthy balls the top by best baseball team

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