MONTE REI, Portugal | GOLF COURSE REVIEW Of One Of The Best Golf Courses In The World

Hello everybody and welcome, my name is Yves, I’m with Expert Golf and today I’m going to take you round one of the finest golf courses in the world. Monte Rei is located in Portugal, in the Algarve to be precise and if you look at our golf guide at, it is ranked number one in Portugal, but more importantly, it is ranked in the top ten worldwide. Now please let me mention that I’m not sponsored, paid, endorsed or whatsoever by Monte Rei. This is just my personal impression and opinion. Jack Nicklaus designed such a great golf course and he put a lot of bunkers out there. To be precise there are 86 bunkers and considering that some of them are shaped in a way that they look and feel like there’s three or four bunkers there’s really a lot of sand traps. So make sure you look at them from the outside and not from the inside. The thing I like most about Monte Rei is something you don’t find very often in the world: Each hole is in its own little valley. And that, together with the fact that they send out the flights only every 12 minutes, means that you have the entire hole for yourself. So it really feels like you’re on your own private golf course. Monte Rei is a pricey experience. It’s a green fee of more than 200 €, but it’s worth every cent, really, you get absolutely unparalleled service. If you ask three people about the signature hole on Monte Rei golf course, you will get four different answers. It’s that difficult to decide which one’s the best. Actually each time you arrive on the next tee it’s like “wow, what another great golf hole”. Well, that was my review for Monte Rei golf course, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have a chance, go check out Monte Rei, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Please don’t forget to download our Golf Guide & Logbook App, it’s free of charge and in there you will find a lot more information, customer reviews, ratings etc. on Monte Rei, but also on tens of thousands other courses throughout the world. Enjoy your game and see you soon.


  • I want to go there!!!

  • Thank you for your great review. I need to check the Monte Rei Golf Course out myself. Definitely on my wish list now !!!

  • Played there twice early this year and will be visiting again this February when i go to Portugal again unbelievable course and a real pleasure to play

  • Hans-Peter Fontana

    Hallo Yves
    Vielen Dank für Deinen Tip. Monte Rei ist wohl der schönste und attraktivste Platz den ich je gespielt habe. Hans-Peter Fontana

  • Hard to believe that you haven‘t received any payment from Monte Rei for that add. However, every word you say is true. 🙂 I have never played a course that has been integrated into the surrounding landscape in a better and more sensitive way. Plus, as you have mentioned, the service is just outstanding.

  • wtf GOLF Walk The Fairway

    Guy wana see more videos

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