Turbo singles took the stage at the MSOP,
and it was one we wouldn’t forget. For two days, individual putters had to handle
their own thoughts and their own nerves over four rounds. The prize money was again at $10,000, and
the belt of Turbo singles champion was on the line. The best putters in the world were on the
same course at the same time, battling each and every hole.>>[ Speaking indistinctly ]>>David Kargetta
from Florida, Matthew Marquez of Texas, and Joey Pirmann or Arizona all carded a 7-under
in the final round. In the end, it was David Kargetta who was
able to sink his putts when it mattered the most, crowning him the Turbo singles champion
and $10,000 richer.>>Some days you get a little luckier, and
other days you don’t. Putting is, especially for small data, just
a couple rounds, it has a lot to do with if you’re lucky or not, and just for me today,
the lipouts stopped. You know, getting a little tired all week
lipping everything out, so got a little bit lucky today. Just had the one lipout on 3, and the rest
of the ones that hit the hole went in. I had a bunch all around the hole, but they
didn’t hit it. So I got what I needed out of it today.>>At the end of the day, the Major Series
of Putting is all about showcasing the best putters in the world on the biggest stage,
and we want you to be a part of that too.>>I would say the cash is real. I would say the experience is unmatched. I mean, I’ve played professional for a couple
years now, college golf, junior golf. There’s nothing like this. It really isn’t. It’s just 100% the biggest putting tournament
in the world. The price is — Everything is gonna go up
from here. The popularity. I mean, 99.B 0of the people in the world can
play PGA Tour. What I’m trying to do for a long drive, but
anybody can putt. Doesn’t matter your handicap, amateur, pro. Anybody can come out here and putt, putt for
big bucks under the lights in front of a crowd. There’s nothing like it.>>If you think you’re a good player and you
enjoy putting, I’d highly recommend — This is the best putting tournament I’ve ever played
in, last year and this year. Both even two different venues. I’ve been putting in tournaments for 35 years,
and this is, by far, the highest compliment I can give any putting tournament. I mean, it’s first class from the bottom to
the top, all the staff. You’re missing out if you do not come to the
MSOP in 2019. And doesn’t matter your age. An old guy like me at 56 can compete. If you can putt, come on out. We’d love to have you.>>If you want to learn more about the MSOP,
see all the champions from this week, and to learn more about this amazing event, head
over to today. Find a qualifier near you, and we’ll see you
again in 2019.

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