MXGP 2019 Game | 2-Stroke First Person Career Gameplay | Pietramurata, Italy

Welcome back to MXGP 2019. Getting a good look at the
Pietramurata circuit here in Trentino, Italy. let’s see if we keep our good form
going we are on the podium a last race out we’re gonna pull into Herlings here
an next to Tonus see what we can do on this holeshot – race one MXGP
class as ever riding the TC 250 two-stroke oh no a little wheel spin getting pushed to the outside somebody went down hard there you know outside I’m stuck 11th place
not good we got to make up some time made up some good positions in that
corner this tabletop is really small this year in that game there is no lip
left on it ooh running the rail at the top right making it more positions take it tight I try to use that
berm on the outside oh come on up short for that Oh almost
hit that sign running the rail but somebody is coming
up on the side of me here Tonus getting back at me trying to get this traction down there
we go inside Oh No I hit the back of him this line right here seems to be a
faster one but gotta watch out you can get reset pretty easy using first year a
lot on these uh hey tight corners here especially trying to get back up the
hill so real quick in the first and the shift it up a lot of second gear fuck it
over barely made it a little bit of a case alright we’re on the leaders whoa almost looked out right in front of
Herlings almost did a Villopoto at the same track different spot though that
would have been embarrassing because I told everybody in my press conference at
the coccyx would be fine in Europe almost almost had to eat crow there covering the insides yep Herlings is on me still did not mean to stop that hard there that corner just like the suck you to the
outside losing touch of them a little bit here we go need him some time there Pauls Jonas run it in on a reddit him back out oh I
thought I was gonna nail that inside jump there I need to take a wider line on that oh the reset reset you got me again right there okay no time left this plus two oh and the reset and the resets resets
just kill me on this game give me a time penalty not a reset all right come on two laps to get back
to a respectable position maybe we can think about our first overall but we’re
not gonna do it with a seventh place in the race one here the inside line there we go Max Anstie back on you again I got sucked out to the outside man made the pass made the triple triple
that okay one more lap looks like I’m gonna be just battling
for fifth if I can get Anstie oh I got thrown to that weird line there oh yeah past Anstie on the inside all
right I don’t know if we can catch this guy who is that cover these insides oh no oh that was almost deadly all right it’s keeping behind it’s
keeping behind this fifth place all right
respectable we’ll see what we can do with that we’ll work with it I know
about the overall got chance for the podium still Oh my gerd you guys MXGP is
like the best. how come you’re just standing there?
Becky, we’re trying to avoid eye contact with your hands. I hate you guys. right race number two
letting it back again next to Herlings got the holeshot last time had a little
problem late in the race with the reset running a deep run a deep turnaround
looks like cold enough might again be having a good race need to keep it clean do not get a
little reset so we haven’t had a crash it’s just a reset and that one section
where I like to go wide anyways but go a little too wide and they will reset you right here you got to be careful I’m
just going to go inside just to be safe keep it in need a bigger berm there Oh a little bit sure ryan villopoto coccyx jump safely safely
period for the first lab oh oh no Herlings is that that Jasakonis maybe Oh Herlings is
getting they are battling I will take the inside alright alright inside there we go it’s a block pass on
Herlings oh he’s coming inside of me cover these insides oh he’s coming down into the inside of
me again Herlings no no no Oh jump to the side of it oh he’s banging bars with me we will run it up on him Oh No oh they didn’t reset me there that
was a small small kind cut track that was a very interesting decision by the
marshals not to penalize me when they do everywhere else for cutting looks like
Herlings is getting roughed up by somebody else took the heat off me for a
little bit get your water this is it oh saying I like this track it is a good
racing on it I think Oh Oh No fellow Husky coming up on me Oh Oh and they get me on the reset I
wasn’t gonna hit anything luckily I was had a gap there the AI is a little bit too they
are just a little bit too strong like in a pack very rarely do you have that many
people write together for the lead of the race I mean it does happen and I
know this is a short race but seems like they are just bunched up with way too
much right your time left I am gonna cover these insides no
downshift it way too much somebody else is coming up on me I have
no idea who that is 152 and I wrap myself around a pole and that
is all she wrote oh my god that Tommy Searel
DeSalle is coming up on me I am just going backwards now made the mistake oh
my god the wound is gushing and I need to I
need to stop the bleeding here there we go
three in one corner I’ll take it nice block back that we were going to have a chance at
the podium at least it’s gonna really depend on what does a
I did oh no oh no I got stuck on the bank well this oh my god well I don’t know if
this is entertaining or not okay we need to make them make some moves sorry I’m not talking I am concentrating Oh somebody down Anstie death ninth place my lord okay come on
all right push him push him oh he got me back on the inside he runs a tight line
right there can we get him on the inside no he’s
writing a good good line there all right we’re gonna hold on to 9th maybe if I
don’t crash oh my gosh fifth and a night not good not good
whoo Herlings went away with the win see what we got on the overall sixth place
overall man not not very good I’ll take it though moving up moving up off the
podium low not very good I could have been us guys where are we
8th in points we dropped one alright I hope you enjoyed this video guys man I
promise to try to do better next time we’re gonna get back on the podium
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