My BEST FRIEND is a HACKER?! PZ9 is JUSTIN! 24 Hour RC Airplane Battle for Source Code in Minecraft

– What did you guys do to the Tesla? – We destroyed it and we saved VidCon! – Yeah! – Get ’em boys! – [Daniel] Hey, hey, hey, back it off! (high pitched beeping) Oh, oh, the Delorean! Yeah! – Let’s get out of here! – You better get out of here hackers! The Delorean worked! – [Regina] The signal booster is smashed! – [Vy] And I destroyed the Tesla! – We saved VidCon, woo! – [PA System Voice] You
Project Zorgo Idiots You let the VidCon mission fail! I still have the YouTube
Algorithm Source Code in my possession. And I’m keeping it for myself, ha ha! – Okay we gotta go find PZ9 right now, this is really important. You guys ready? – Let’s go!
– Let’s go! – Okay, PZ9 has YouTube’s
Algorithm Source code, and that’s gonna allow him
to do some really bad things to creators on YouTube. So we need to find PZ9, right now. Keep an eye out for him. – [Vy] Oh my gosh, where are we Chad? – Yeah, where are we? – What is this? – Okay don’t touch it. Wait, were just outside
of VidCon right now? – VidCon was so nice, this place is like a dump. – Yeah trash everywhere. Why did PZ9 run over this way? He must be trying to hide from us. – [Daniel] Look! – [Chad] What? whoa! – [Vy] Nine, all over the place Chad! – [Chad] Nine – And over here.
– And over here, whoa. And another one. He could be in any one of these doors. – It’s like, boarded up. – This is possibly PZ9’s secret hideout. He wrote the word nine on these doors. All right, let’s go
down these stairs here. – Okay wait, we can see nine! – Back, back! (intense music) That was so close. – [Chad] That was a close one. – What is he doing? – [Chad] Whoa, where did all
of those hackers come from? – [Daniel] I don’t know! – [Vy] Are they having
a meeting right now? – I thought he left Project Zorgo! – No he rejoined Project Zorgo because we won’t help him Daniel, with his VidCon mission. So he decided to get Project Zorgo’s help. – That’s right, when PZ9 turned me in, and revealed I was a double agent, they welcomed him back on the team. – And they gave you the exit ceremony. – I wonder if Project Zorgo is mad at PZ9 because the VidCon mission failed! – He was in charge of
it, it’s all his fault! (gasps) – [Vy] Is that, EC409? – Oh, Oh!
– He’s slapping him! – Oh! Oh my gosh, oh that had to hurt. (gasps) – No no!
– Oh! – [Altogether] Oh my gosh! – Oh, gosh!
– That’s overkill. – Oh my gosh, oh no!
– Oh! – That was pretty cool. He kicked all three of their butts! – Why is he doing that? – Oh he’s on the move, let’s follow him. – [Vy] Oh my gosh, what about these guys? (screams) – [Chad] Wait, here comes another hacker. Look, look, look!
– Whoa. – Is he gonna beat him up too? – He just tried pushing him.
– Oh no. – [Chad] He doesn’t stand
a chance against PZ9. – [Vy] He just ran away! – [Chad] He ran away. (distant laughing) – Why is he so angry? – Oh my gosh, it’s okay if you fail PZ9, everyone fails sometimes. – Yeah, it’s not their
fault, it’s your fault PZ9. There he his. – Oh! Another hacker just popped out! – [Daniel] He must be a
fool if he thinks he, oh no. – Oh he is!
– Oh! – [Chad] He’s in trouble
now, he’s in trouble. – [Altogether] Oh! Ah! – Why is that hacker even trying? He should know PZ9 would beat up easily. – Yeah. – So he still has YouTube’s source code, that must be what Project Zorgo
is trying to get from him. ‘Cause if you have access
to the source code, you can pretty much do
anything you want on YouTube. You could give yourself
one-hundred million subscribers. – So PZ9 could be bigger
than T series, and Pewdiepie? – Isn’t he your guys’ best friend? – Yeah. – What if you guys just went up to him? – And beat him up? – Maybe you could talk to him. – That’s a great idea Regina, yes. We should try to use our words, before we use our fists. Maybe he’ll give us the source code, and we can just give it back to YouTube, and say here you go. – He’s all alone right now, so I think we could sneak up behind him. – Quick, come on!
– Oh my gosh. – [Chad] Don’t lose PZ9! Excuse me buddy! PZ9, PZ9! Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! – Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. My ninjas! What an unpleasant surprise. – PZ9, okay, we know you
know YouTube’s source code. Hand it over, we need
to return it to YouTube. Don’t do anything with
it, that would be wrong. – Oh, the source code. – Yes.
– You’re talking about these? – Yes, that’s the one!
– Yes, yes the floppy disks. (screams) – You want ’em? – Yes. – You can have them. (screams) – Oh my gosh!
– He just threw this! – He threw them at us! – [Regina] Wait so he just
gave us the source code? – Wait he’s running away, he running away! Look, look, look! I guess it doesn’t matter, we
already have the source code, on these disks. – Yeah!
– That was easy! – What even are, I’m not even old enough
to know what these are! What are these?
– Yeah, what are these things? – I don’t know. – I think people used
to use these long ago, they’re called floppy disks. – Oh, like in the ancient times? – Yeah, it’s kind of like a CD, or a DVD, but like a really old version. – Wow Daniel, how old are you? How do you know? – I’m a tech guy, I’ve researched all the
tech of the past century. – So how do we get the
data, off these disks? How can we even read it? – I always come prepared in my backpack, I have a U.D.C. You know what that is?
– What is that? – A Universal Disk Converter. We can read what’s on these things. – Wow.
– Is it this? – Yeah. – Cool! – Hey, you just went in my backpack! – I did! You were talking about it,
so I went in your backpack. – We should actually double check to see if the source code
is actually on this thing. PZ9 could be tricking us. – I’m gonna slide the disk
into the universal disk drive – Let’s plug my phone into this. – All right, whats it say? – It’s downloading, it’s downloading. – Wait, it’s a link, to a YouTube video. Hey guys, why don’t we put these videos on each of our Instagrams? Mine is at @chadwildclay – Mine is at @vyquaint. – Mine is cwcdaniel. – And I’m cwcregina. – Maybe it’s like a tutorial
on how to use a source code. Play. – It’s PZ9! – Ha, ha, ha, ha. Hey Chad, are you from
the African Savannah? Because you look like a giraffe! (laughs hysterically) – What you mean I’m from
the African Savannahs? He called me a giraffe? There is a country named Chad in Africa. He must know his geography. – But he insulted you
Chad, that is so mean! – But I love giraffes, so
it wasn’t really an insult. – But it wasn’t the source code. – Yeah there’s no source code on here! – Do we check what’s on mine? – Yeah!
– Yeah, slide it on in. – Okay, it’s another video. – Oh.
– Oh no. – Okay, push play. – Wow Vy. I love your look. Where do you shop? Baby Gap? (laughs hysterically) (gasps) – That is so mean! I do not shop at baby gap! I mean, not anymore. I’m like, in the kids
section now you guys. – What is this? He totally tricked us, there’s no source code on these disks. What about yours Daniel? – Ugh. – One of these has got to have the YouTube source code on it. – Ugh, another video. – Oh.
– Of course. – Do we gotta push play? – Ah Daniel, (laughs hysterically) – He’s just laughing. – He’s still laughing. – Ha, okay, Dan, Daniel — (laughing hysterically) Daniel, you’re so funny. – Oh!
– He said you’re funny! – He just complimented you! – Hey!
– He likes you Daniel! – Funny looking! (hysterically laughing) – Ah, funny looking! – Oh, my gosh. – I thought he was
being nice for a second. – That jerk. – Well at least I’m brave
enough to show my face. – Yeah PZ9! Regina, what about your floppy disk? – Oh right here, okay.
– I’ll take the camera. – All right.
– Plug it in, plug it in. – Plugging it in. – Okay.
– This better be it guys. – It’s another video. – Roses are red, and violets are blue, Regina has the posture of PZ2! (laughs hysterically) (gasps) – I don’t have bad posture! – Oh my gosh!
– Yeah, you stand up straight! – Yeah! – You have a nice flat back. – Yeah! – PZ2’s like this! – What’s with these floppy disks? – Yeah! – There’s nothing worth wile on these. – This whole mission is a flop. – I’m gonna put links
to all of these videos so you can see them, down in the description
below underneath this video. – Whoa you guys, I can
see that this video was last modified at these
coordinates right here. – Maybe PZ9 is there with
the real source code, ’cause he obviously gave
us all of these fake ones. – Let’s go there! Go, go, go! The coordinates lead up here. Yeah we’re pretty much here,
according to the coordinates. – [Daniel] This is a gross looking place. – Keeps your eyes peeled for PZ9. Is PZ9 in here? – [Vy] Whoa. – [Chad] It’s just totally empty in here. – You guys, look over there! – What, where?
– Right there. – [Chad] You see them? They must be spying out PZ9 too! – Guys, they look like
project Zorgo Members! – They are! – [Daniel] They definitely are. – [Regina] They probably want the source code for themselves. – They’re so mad at him.
– We have to get it first before they get it. – He’s gotta be around here somewhere, if Project Zorgo’s looking for him here, we must be in the right spot. PZ9’s right up here! – Oh yeah!
– Let’s follow him! – Go, go, go. Wait, wait, guys, guys. Guys look, we just passed this. – Whoa!
– It’s a floppy disk! – He must’ve dropped that! – Where is he going?
– Where’s he going? – He just jumped a wall!
– Did you see him? – [Daniel] Did he see us? – He might’ve left this as a trick – I think we better just check, I mean we can take the roasts, right? – Yeah okay, let’s watch it. It’s like files or something? – [Regina] But they’re all redacted. – [Daniel] Redacted? What does that mean? – Oh that means, restricted,
you can’t see, it’s censored. – [Regina] There’s one
right here I can get onto. – Okay. – [Regina] It looks like a letter. – [Chad] A letter. – [Regina] It says to whom it may concern, but everything looks blurred, except for, wait! There’s a signature guys! – Hold on, hold on, I’m a
signature expert, you guys. – Really?
– I didn’t know that. – Okay, it looks like it’s a scribble. Remember that one time Daniel
was still a lie detector and working for pizza, pizza, (laughs)
Project Zargo? – That’s right, we were following him, and we followed him to Starbucks! – Yeah and then he left the
receipt behind and I uncovered that it was Daniel. – Whoa.
– Yeah, I am a signature expert. – That’s right, how could
I ever question you? – It’s like a scribble,
and then towards the end, it looks like it’s an I and an N. – It does look like an I and an N, (gasps)
Justin! (gasps)
– Justin? – [Daniel] Justin! – He signed his name Justin, does it look like a Justin maybe? – It might, yeah! – Right? – I think that’s confirmation
that PZ9 is for sure Justin. – We better follow him, he went this way, he jumped this wall over here. – Okay let’s go! We’re almost there. – Wait. – Oh my gosh.
– Don’t trip, Vy. – [Daniel] Wait, is that PZ9? Is he going into Burger King? – He just went into Burger King. – Doesn’t Justin eat fast food a lot? – Yeah he loves it. – No I wouldn’t say that, I
mean, he tries go eat healthy but yeah, sometimes he does
eat fast food, I guess. – Oh, cheat days? – Cheat days. – I don’t think he sees us, so let’s just run into Burger King, okay? – Okay. – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Oh, hey, hey! What are you, what? What are you doing? – Spy ninjas, hello again! – [Chad] Ah! Let’s get out of get out of here guys. – Can I be in one of your videos? – [Chad] No, no you can’t. Oh shoot, hide! Oh my gosh, it’s Justin! It’s Justin! Guys, we gotta follow him, that’s Justin. – Yeah!
– Let’s go, let’s follow him. – Hey you should get out of here. – Come on! – [Chad] No, we gotta follow Justin. – Do yo wanna Battle Royale for fun? – [Chad] No, we don’t wanna
Battle Royale for fun! – Please leave!
– Get out of the way man! – Leave! – [Chad] Yeah yeah, we
gotta follow our friend. – I want to be in a video. – [Daniel] No, no, no, no, no. Stop. Stop, just leave us alone. – Where’s Justin? We gotta find him. – [Chad] Yeah yeah, we gotta go. He’s this way — – Can you tell them PZ55? – [Chad] No, no, no, we’re
not gonna give you a shoutout! – Go man!
– No, we gotta. – Wait, wait, wait!
– Where did Justin go? – Where is he? – [Chad] Regina where did
he go, did you see him? – No!
– Shoot, I lost track of him. – [Chad] Ah shoot! – It’s this guy, the Zorgo guy! – Aw man!
– I’m not violent. – [Chad] Yeah I know but
were following somebody so — – Please, your distracting us. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– And your annoying. – Did you see him? Did you see where he went? I can’t believe that was Justin. – Yeah, it confirms it, Justin is PZ9! – Definitely. – When’s the last time your
saw Justin in real life? – Oh my gosh, I think it was
probably over a year ago! – Yeah, long, long time ago, back in LA. – Yeah, when we found him
with a hacker mask on, but he told us that
someone had tied him up, but now, I think he was just tricking us, and he actually was wearing a hacker mask. – Did you see that beard? – It’s just like PZ9’s beard. We saw PZ9 go into Burger King, and then a couple minutes
later Justin comes out, he probably took his hacker clothes off inside of Burger King. – He’s trying to disguise
himself as a regular person, but hello, we know. – Let’s go into Burger King, maybe he left some clues
or something, okay? – Good idea.
– Let’s go, let’s go. Wait there’s a guy. Excuse me sir. Sir, sir, sir.
– Hello! – [Chad] Excuse me did you
see anybody weird in there? Like wearing, um, a hacker? – [Guy] A hacker? You mean, whopper? – [Chad] No, no, no, no. – Not a whopper.
– A double whopper. – [Chad] No no, not a whopper. A guy wearing a mask. – Half a mask. – And he was like wearing skirt, kind of. – Oh, oh, you mean the Burger King! – [Chad] No! – You know he’s only just the mascot. You know, Ronald McDonald,
you know, Wendys. – No, no, no. It was the guy, all in black. – [Guy] The white mask,
and the black sweater? – Yes, yes, yes, yes, that’s! – [Guy] Oh yeah, he’s so crazy! Oh my goodness, you know, he was talking, but it’s like he wasn’t even
talking in complete sentences. – Okay like, what was he saying? – [Guy] He was saying like,
flashlight, you know, your nose, and you know, your poot — – Your what?
– Your poot. And also, a lock. – That sounds like Project
Zorgo language you guys. That we used the decoder wheel for. – Okay well, where exactly was he sitting? – Oh like, over there. – In here?
– Over there. – Over here? – [Chad] Well thank you sir,
for sharing all of your help. You’ve been very helpful. – Okay.
– Thank you, thank you. – [Guy] Enjoy your whopper. – Guys we gotta check
this area for any clues that Justin may have left behind! – How do we get in here? Oh look, there’s a note over here! – [Chad] Can you reach it? – Yes. – [Chad] He said that’s
where Justin was sitting. – [Vy] Right here? – So this note must be from Justin! – Yeah.
– I think so! – [Daniel] No in person meeting. – Huh.
– There’s a signature! – You’re the signature expert!
– I am! So, this looks like, maybe, a scribble, but
that’s definitely an I and an N.
– Oh signature expert! – Justin! – The signature on the floppy disk looked just like this one, right? – Yes, it did. It seems like Justin was
leaving this clue for someone letting them know, that he can’t have anymore
in person meetings. Okay we gotta figure out
exactly where Justin went. How can we do that? – What about all the Zorgo language that, that random guy said
that Justin was saying? I have my decoder wheel. – Spy ninjas if you have the
decoder wheel, decode it, leave a comment down below. – Did you guys remember
what symbols he was saying? He was saying a bunch, like poot. – Poot.
– Poot. – And luck.
– Oh foot. – Oh wait, I’m Filipino, poot means foot! – [Chad] Are you serious? – Yeah.
– Oh! – Yeah, with the accent you know? – Oh cool!
– Oh! He said nose too. – Okay. – Nose.
– Do you remember any? – Lock was one. – Oh he said plashlight, which
I think means flashlight. – In the last video, key equals PZ9. If key equals 9, foot equals
K, nose equals A, lock equals R flashlight equals P. – So wait, we got a K, we got
an A, we got an R, and a P. What does that spell? – Karp. – That’s like a fish, but
I don’t think that has a K in it though. – No, maybe it’s like, park?
– Whoa! – Oh, that makes sense. Hackers are always meeting in the park. – I’m looking up the closet park. It’s got to be that one, right? – This one? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– It’s gotta be. Should we just go there? – Let’s head over there now. – [Chad] Okay go, go, go, go, go. – All right guys, the park is over here. – [Chad] Park’s this way! – Chad, what should we
do when we see Justin? – He’s our best friend, so I don’t know! Do we fight him? I don’t really know what we do. I’m so confused now, because it seems like he’s definitely PZ9. – Yeah but he betrayed
us, he was so mean to us. – Daniel, what do you think we should do? – He’s messed up our lives
so much, we gotta fight him! – Yeah!
– Really? – He’s not my friend, he’s your friend. – Yeah, not mine either. – I don’t want to have a
Battle Royale with Justin! – He’s a really, really good fighter. I’d be careful. Let’s keep going. The clue that we found said
that PZ9 was in this park, so guys we need to keep
your eyes out for PZ9. Aka, Justin, most likely. Shh, guys, I see PZ9 right up here. Do you see him? – He’s sitting down. – Did he change back into his
Project Zorgo hacker clothes? Or are they two different people? I can’t tell. Okay, guys, I’m gonna use my binoculars from my spy essential kit. – Yeah I love that thing.
– Okay what do you see? – Okay, so he’s on a laptop,
chatting or something. – Talking to the laptop? – [Chad] Who’s he talking to? – Like a FaceTime call, or
Skype call or something? – Could be. – Let’s go closer so we could listen in. – [Chad] Okay, wait. There’s two hackers right there. They have a hacker dog. That’s not that same dog. – [Daniel] It grew up! – [Chad] It’s not a puppy anymore. – No, that’s not the same breed. – Well if there’s hackers right there, what do we do? – They’re definitely
not on PZ9’s side right? – That’s right because PZ9
betrayed Project Zorgo. – Okay guys, let’s just
go up to that tree, Project Zorgo won’t see us,
we need to listen into PZ9! – I’ll take the YouTube
Algorithm Source Code and upload it to the
internet for safe keeping! – I’ll keep the source code
safe, okay I gotta go now PZ9, my mom wants me to clean my room. – Okay, clean it well. – YouTube source code is being
uploaded to the Internet! – I hear a voice, it
sounds really familiar, do you guys know who it is? – It does, it does sound
familiar, I don’t know though. – It’s very high and squeaky. – If you spy ninjas recognize that voice, leave a comment down below, that would be super helpful
to us, if we could figure out, who PZ9 is talking to. – Project Zorgo hackers, they’re making a move on PZ9 right now! – We need to get up there before they do. Go, go, go! – Spy ninjas!
– Spy ninjas? More like bye ninjas! (high pitched ringing) (intense music)


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