My First Soccer Game in Mexico! (Chivas vs Santos)- Gringo in Estadio Chivas 😱

What is going on Members of the Barrio? It’s Jon coming to you from Estadio Akron And today.. for the first time in my life I am going to be a professional soccer game Not just anywhere in the world I am in Mexico I’m going to be seeing the most popular team in the country.. apparently Chivas I’m super excited about this but.. I’ve got to get more into costume. Much better. And for all of you team Adriana fans She’s going to be sitting this one out And it is a guys night
And i’ve got to 2 friends I want to introduce you to. We’ve got Fede And Manuel And they both run this amazing podcast called.. Nostoros El Barrio We have members of the Barrio They’re Nostoros el Barrio I actually went on his podcast.. they’re both subscribers to my channel Guys.. what can I expect today I mean you can expect a lot of noise Because it is the most popular team and you can see.. The stadium will be packed We’re going to win.. Big fan, big fan right here Huge fan.. WIN I guess I’m a Chivas fan now What can I say? Chivas.. ra ra ra My first impressions of the parking lot It reminds me of going to like an NFL football game Less people i know this is not a huge game for Chivas But people are drinking People are barbecuing Seems like a good time.. some guys back there were saying They’ve been here for the last 3 or 4 hours.. You were telling me .. How did Chivas get their name? Here in the city it’s an important match Against Atlas They are the two.. domestic teams I don’t know how to say that They have an internal rivalry Once..I don’t know how many years ago Chivas won a match. And some tv broadcasters.. was saying.. Look at the fans They are like Chivas Like Goats Jumping.. like crazy Screaming.. Crazy goats.. They are called Chivas Because of that person Number one Chivas fan right here This is actually very cool right here They just have food trucks.. All these games All these companies sponsoring Random stuff here People with microphones.. We haven’t even walked in the stadium yet And i’m already feeling A really good energy/vibe The ticket right here cost about.. 12 U.S Dollars Very very cool ticket. Gracias We have made it inside And this place is absolutely incredible It looks brand new to me And i’m going to look at the field for the first time right now Look at this Guys should I eat this? I don’t know.. What do you think should I eat this? That’s not bad actually Not bad at all I’m going to need some barbecue sauce though Much better We are about to try Tejuino Tejuino What is Tejuino? It’s like fermented flour.. Made of corn. And they make a beverage It tastes good Okay let’s see.. It’s less than two dollars We’re going to try this Salty.. sour Almost like a weird lemonade It is like a primative Michelada Primitive Michelada That’s one way of describing it My question is.. why not put alcohol in this I think it would taste better Some people put beer in it. Beer. I’d put vodka in it.. but i’d put vodka in anything. Section T2 24 Upstairs We are just arriving to our seats We still have a soccer game to watch I’m having so much fun here The game hasn’t even started yet That one is the Guadalajara Song Guys the Guadalajara anthem right now It’s like a Mexican Pride.. To say that you’re a Chivas fan Because it is full of Mexicans.. It’s like the short National team. Churritos guys.. check this out Here we go.. Esta Bien? Un pequito mas. I am addicted to Valentina You have no idea Any chance I get to put it.. sorry about that Any chance I get to put it on anything Including your pants I do so. The Chivas Fan Club Shouting out the Chivas Players Names Chivas vs Santos Begins.. Chivas had a few chances early on. We’re about 10 minutes into this game and i’m Very impressed with the atmosphere I thought for an opponent that wasn’t as popular.. Like they’re playing right now That would it woudln’t be so full. It’s about 80% full. And there’s a lot of energy What are they chanting right now? They are chanting right now Let’s go Chivas Let’s go rebaño Today we have to win Today.. We came to support you To be champions Today we’ve got to win Theyr’e chanting all over again Still no score.. 20 minutes into the first half But Chivas has been threatening Very sad about this? Yeah Can Chivas Finally score? Close. You are into this game .. This close.. Santos Scores First. 1-0 Santos Supporters Santos is leading 1-0 at halftime I really want to see at least 1 Chivas Goal Just to see how the crowd reacts here Because I feel a lot of tension here.. And these people are about to explode If something good happens Second half begins.. Chiva’s can’t score. Nice Save! The Chivas Fan Club is still going wild Dale Dale rebaño Dale Dale Dale rebaño Seconds later..Santos scores.. 2-0 One of the things that we are proud of here in Mexico is that.. We can come here. To the stadium With a friend.. of the other team And we can be together You can come with the family But in South America.. those things don’t happen. Almost missed a goal ! Almost. I will give the supporters of Chivas credit. Their rooting section has not stopped dancing And singing the entire game Even though they’re losing 2-0 A blue demon (luchador) sighting Chivas #1 Fan? Question.. why are they still so crazy? Even though Chivas lost? We are crazy until the end We are supporting Chivas no matter what I’m disapointed that Chivas could not score a goal So I could have at least filmed the people here going insane I did learn a bunch of Spanish slang words Most of which I can’t use on this video But one I can use is.. Sientate Payaos Sit down clown Right.. Yeah It’s a good one Alright members of the Barrio That was quite a fun experience Here. I’m eventually going to be making a video about.. the Top 10 things.. To do in Guadalajara And this is certainly going to be number one , two or three. The atmosphere.. All the different food and drinks you can try And just really experiencing something That is super super Mexican I would say that it is something you just have to do At least once When you come to Guadalajara Make sure to subscribe if you are new to this channel I’ve got some fans right behind me These guys are curious what i’m up to I’ve got a lot more coming up.. From Guadalajara Thank you so much for watching Until next time Behind the scenes.. creating a thumbnail for YouTube. Ok..Do you see me and the field? Yeah yeah Perfecto senor.

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