NERF Putt-Putt Golf | Rivals Challenge!

what’s going on guys welcome to battle
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universe today we’re in the putt-putt challenge with nerf guns where you gotta
shoot a ball on a hole yeah you gotta do it in the least amount of shots whoever
does in the least amount of shots wins and we’re using the hypothec we’re using
rivals it hurts like this alright we’re gonna be going from this tee
where’s the first hole I personally make it in the hallway all
right so it’s on the other side around the corner ten points actually if you
hit CJ that points do nothing for me I don’t want points – ten point yeah you
can use any gun just like you can use any golf club this is why we asked her
to lie so she’d be prepared but it’s Sam’s turn again because she’s the part
of this from the hole wait who’s supposed to carry the golf bag we just
can’t our own guns Sam supposed to because she’s the boy yeah equality porpoise are you still gonna stick with
that gun yes ma’am oh yeah yeah you’re like a
foot away you should have bankrupt shot bacon crop
it should have Bank robbed it he’s just standing out there he’s scared before
you step in you have to wear those you know the rule oh not bad but not great
right it’s even further just gonna take forever oh there you go
oh haha wait is that ob/ob I’m out of bounds
sports okay I’m gonna like shoot it right out of
here wait your turn Sam you have a gun yet how many how many like five that
counts nice how many strokes
I like the golf claps I’m here Wow yeah three wait bro you’re
destroying do that one right by his ear I go first oh wait I got it
get the bag oh yeah already got he was too quick my turn
ah my way wow this Alan does not fly very far
CJ you’re right and stuff like clothes right there see that making to the wall
look right there that’s it right there and I start rolling
dude that’s embarrassing now you’re gonna have to like somehow swing it
around I’m gonna bend the bullet oh nice minds come back that’s a shame
Brad here we get on the doorway you might go through the doorway look Brian
you went all the way through day I go who shot right here so I used to bring
it drop it Sam your trap is open oh you
thank you I thought you meant my zipper funny way to say hey man your caps over
oh wait oh sweet I went right here yeah lean I’ll hold your arms you lean over
drop it Oh under the couch
Oh Oh what the heck yes caddie oh okay wait up it touches water it’s
fine no it’s lived across yeah sure go for it breath is a warming very moist
today’s today I said today no really it’s Drive you know my breath is dry do Brian go get the bag get the bag ready
for this I couldn’t focus the box where the hole is no shut up Bush I did the
same thing Oh No yeah browse to the left oh that’s
not bad where you just weld around for you three Oh bro
no joke that one boom right here so okay so that’s one two three four I’m sorry
what was that five I’m go right down my score I got three maybe CJ’s up there as
a mystery I would shoot out of that room if are you sure yeah you can do that
even good no I don’t oh listen Ahmet do we not look for it go
down like that oh yes it’s not in the water all right
look well there’s the hole my hill my face
wait I gave away the whole tour dang it or Diddy Oh
what yes hey you got in the water yeah just go back to the stack up look
here it is bounce bounce back right here dang it nice piggy bunny mine sweet
that’s a creepy-looking Matt yeah how did they get my face so big about right
time it’s the scale look over there oh wait light in water no this is not what
it is some carpet water no okay my turn oh no no no no Matt Oh salmon I tied a lunar this video right here is the last
putt-putt that we play stop touching me Brian also this video right here is the
video that YouTube things you specifically will enjoy and if you are
new here welcome sir subscribe by using this little button right there alright
see you next time Gigi what high-five by Megan hi


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