NES Golf is Hidden Within Every Switch System + Why It May Have a Special Connection to Satoru Iwata

Hey everyone, Derrick here with a quick news update on the Switch, the copy of Golf that’s installed in every last system of the Switch, and its connection to Iwata. So, first of all, one of the things we haven’t covered yet is how modders have found an emulator within the Nintendo Switch, and a copy of the NES game Golf installed on it. So, what this means is that every single Switch system has this emulator in it, and that’s kind of a big deal on its own. And the game even packs in instructions specific for the Joy-Con controllers, at least according to the images that they’ve shown. Now, the modder SwitchBrew is the one that found Golf disguised by the final name “Flog”, or “Golf” backwards. This washed out of a dump of title names from the Nintendo Switch’s file system back in July, and according to GitHub poster yellows8 the game is on every copy of the Switch OS going back to system 1.0. However, they don’t exactly know what triggers the launching of this title, assuming it can be launched at all. Well, there might be an explanation for that. It could be unlocked sometime in the future, that’s still very possible, But the discovery of this game on the Switch and every single copy of the Switch has greater meaning, and that’s thanks to Justin Epperson that we kind of realized this. Now, Justin Epperson is a senior associate producer at 8-4, a translation studio that recently worked on Fire Emblem Echoes. And in a series of tweets he says: “Golf is imbedded in the Switch firmware and the JP Internet is calling it an ‘omamori’ or charm from Iwata (he coded the game himself).” “In Japanese culture omamori are bought at shrines for various reasons, if you keep one close to you it will protect you or give luck.” “So the idea is Nintendo imbedded Iwata’s game to watch over every unit and…” That’s… amazing. It just goes to show how much everybody at Nintendo truly loves Satoru Iwata and what he meant to that company. And, even now, just reporting on this, and talking about why this game is in there, why that matters, is honestly kind of making me tear up. He mattered that much, and the idea that Iwata himself is protecting the Switch and giving luck to it, and seeing it succeed in such a major way has to mean so much to them, and that it is a wonderful, wonderful feeling that they’re evoking here. I really hope that this is the case, because it is such a beautiful way to tribute this man, and what he did for Nintendo as a whole. So, yeah, it’s a strange thing when you start out as just matter-of-fact “Hey, here’s this weird thing that’s kind of in every Switch, what could this mean?” And then you see the meaning and it hits you like a punch to the gut? So again, we miss you, Iwata. You’re an inspiration even to this day and utmost respect for Nintendo if this indeed was the reasoning behind it. It makes a lot of sense, and even if it isn’t, It works so well. So thank you guys for watching, and of course be sure to subscribe to GameXplain for more on Nintendo and other things gaming as well. Thank you guys so much. Bye.


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