NESert Golfing: making an NES golf game


  • Great job, and cool tricks!
    This may not be the most appropriate place to ask this question (though it is related to the nes restrictions), but… Do you think there is or that there could be a better way to deal with sprite flickering when you go over 8 sprites per line?
    Say, for instance in Castlevania when the whip is overextended and there is one or more enemies on the same line, so everything there flickers… Or even in TMNT with the life meter when you're in the "overworld" screen (i.e., when the life meter is composed of sprites). Would there be a way to make them less flickery?

  • Totally Good at Games

    This is crazy impressive, even if it is a simple game.

  • This is awesome! I have really missed the tech articles from Lizards Kickstarter. Lizard is a great accomplishment but unfortunately it is not my favorite type of game. The update articles that was released during the development on the other hand are absolutely brilliant.

  • Amazeballs!!!
    It would be amazing to see some super basics from scratch, like an expansion on Michael Chiaramonte's "Hello Mario"

  • Pinball is one of my favorite NES games and another (albiet less advanced) physics simulation.

    Game looks amazing and your videos are clean and to the point. Best Nesdev content on youtube

  • Nice! Always good to see NESdev videos

  • This game is awesome!!! I'd buy a physical copy of this.

  • it's fun!

  • Nice!

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