New Ray volleyball coach ready for challenge of running her own program

hi good evening everybody the high school sports season officially over now but coming up in a few short weeks Believe It or Not high school volleyball practice starts the latter part of this summer and over at ray high school they have a new head coach he is Lauren Bell and if that name sounds familiar well she has served as the CCI his only female boys varsity basketball assistant coach for the past few years and now she adds head volleyball coach to her resume after already spending five years with the Rae volleyball program she is excited now to add to her role at the school and she also very excited about the future of volleyball here in South Texas we have a lot of clubs growing and the club scene in South Texas has been growing a lot over the last five to ten years and so these girls are able to get those fundamental skills a lot earlier a second elementary school versus waiting till they get to seventh grade where now they’re just now learning and having to compete and they have two years in middle school and now we’re expecting them to be able to do these skills in the high school level so having that Club and having that foundation and having these clinics available and Clutton camps like we’re doing today the last couple days give these girls are really better understanding so by the time we get them in high school they have that passing foundation in that serving foundation that that setting foundation down so now we can start putting those pieces together and gelling as a program whore all right no Lauren will do an exceptional exceptional job there at very high school all right

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