Nikad Nebu Gotovo – VW Golf Mk2 GTI TDI

My love for cars started during high school. At first I was a motorcycle fanatic,
but in time that turned into love for cars. After graduating I got my driver’s license, after that I started planning what to do next. I was at my grandpa’s and grandma’s house for lunch, now long time ago in 2010. My grandpa told me he found a red Golf mk2 1.6 Diesel
and that he’s going to buy it for me, as my first car. Golf mk2 wasn’t something special for me at the
time because I dreamed about Honda, but since my grandpa wanted to buy it
for me, and we had a deep relationship, I said I was going to be happy
and satisfied with that car. On the next day we got a phone call
informing us that he had passed away. I was really devastated. Afterwards I decided to buy a Golf mk2 myself, it had to
be a red 1.6 diesel just as my grandpa wanted it to be. After some searching I managed to find
a one owner red 1.6 D Golf mk2, 150000 km (93205 miles),
body was straight with no rust. My first goal was… To achieve exactly this! To make this car a GTI but to
have a TDI engine inside. Many people make fun of me for that,
but that’s what I liked and what I wanted. I made my goal and dream come true. I’ve been working on it for six years, as my budget allowed it, as my friends had the time to help me,
as I found a way to make it work. It was hard and it took a lot of sleepless nights. There were many moments when I wanted to just quit, to give up on it and say enough,
to try and sell it, to get rid of it. But… There were always people around me that
gave me strength and told me not to give up. It was hard, really hard. We tried like 10 different sets of rims to find the
right ones, the car looked like a circus, purple wheels, golden, steelies, widened steelies. Seats that didn’t fit the interior,
5 or 6 different steering wheels. Different front grills, tail lights. We tried just about everything to get
it as it is now, as I wanted it to be. You know how it is with parts, some
are harder to find, some are easier. We worked on it wherever we could… In my front yard,
at my friends garage, at another friends garage… It was mostly 3 or 4 of us working on the car. There were some problems with the engine swap,
it wasn’t a walk in the park. But that didn’t stop us. I bought it as 1.6 D basic model, no electric
windows, no power steering. It had nothing. Cardboard upholstery, just a basic Golf mk2
that you can run on waste vegetable oil. We changed everything we could.
Most of interior is from Golf mk3 Edition, instrument cluster, gear stick, leather seats.
Door panels are from Golf mk2 rally. We put a complete body kit on it, GTI trims, front
bumper, grill, tail lights, crosshair headlights. Everything on the car is to make it look like a GTI,
carpet, side markers from the American model. I managed to find all the bits and
pieces I wanted to put them on the car. There are many little details. We added power steering,
electric windows, I plan to put an AC in it. 1.9 TDI engine swap, 90 hp with some
added mods to make it go little better. BBS rims… Those are replicas, I don’t want
people to say that I said I had originals, they’re not original, they’re replicas.
I wasn’t able to buy original ones. All in all, car was made from ground up. Last year we pulled it apart, painted it
and put it back together properly. Until then, through all these years of working on it,
many things were added hastily just to be added. So after the paint job we decided to really put the
effort and assemble it properly, as it should be. There is always something more
to do and there always will be. But for now, that is it. I have so much memories with that car. We’ve been to many cities and car meets. Recently we were in Imotski (town). It was a beautiful
journey and one of the best car meets I’ve been to. We drove 1000 km (621 miles) in two days. Nothing makes me happier than
this kind of traveling and meets. It was all worth it, all the sleeples
nights and all the work, to meet so many great people, to
have friends in every part of Croatia. To have people that always welcome you
and are ready to help or just hang out. We are all closely connected, all of us with
Volkswagen’s and cars in general. We’re all connected with this love
for cars and all that comes with it. It is a huge part of my life,
especially in the last 6 years. This car is really important to me. It reminds me of my grandpa. If he was still alive I think he’d be proud
to see it, because he loved cars too, he lived for them and loved to work on cars. My grandpa lives on with that car. Just one moment… One click of the switch that fuels the passion. You start with only one mod. You put different set of rims, maybe
lower it and you see it looks good… And then you’re hooked and you just
keep going. And it keeps you going… You find this part, that parts, and so on… If you love this it doesn’t take much to start modding,
to realize that you will push all the way to your goal. But… As we like to say: “It’ll never be done”.


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