One stroke nail art flower : easy & pretty

Hi everyone! Here’s an easy nail art! It’s an infallible one stroke flower. Here is the drawing that we will make: a stair To do this stair in one stroke, I move my brush to the top in the brush’s axis. I move it to the right and I move it towards the top in the brush’s axis I looks like a stair or a wave. Don’t forget to shade off on the palette before. Then we do some overlapping stairs I always start from the left stair to the right As they are on each other It is very easy and rapid to do When the flowers are done, I use a detailed brush And I will accentuate the contours As it might be a little complicated to do really sharp tips Thus I accentuate the tip with the detailed brush Then with my detailed brush I add some drops aside At one stroke, I pull with my brush without pressing, then I crush it Then I add some dots and I will stick a rhinestone in the middle It is already over Do not hesitate to show me on facebook what you have done, it will please me. See you on next week for another video and I hope that you enjoyed that tutorial It is very easy one I have tested it in training and everyone succeeded So it’s the infallible flower. See you soon. Bye!


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