ORANGE & BLUE REPORT: Women’s Soccer – NCAA Preview

We’ve been a number
one seed before, but we haven’t been it a lot. I think a lot of
it just has to do with the caliber of the
competition that we play and the difficulty of the games. So given that, to get the seed,
I think, is pretty special, and we’re going to
do everything we can to protect our home field
and that seeding for sure. [ANNOUNCER CALLING INAUDIBLY] We’ve always been
the kind of program that’s just very respectful
of the opponents that we play. I think Radford’s
had a great season. They did a great job
in their tournament. They earned the
right to be here, and that’s the only
game that we’re focused on at this point in time. It is a brutal conference
in terms of the competition, but at the same time,
I think the value of that is that your
team is being tested throughout the
season and hopefully improving because of that. And I think our players
and our team in general has done a really good job of
just pushing forward and trying to get our performances to be
better and better, no matter the opponent. Laurel obviously took a really
hard hit collision in the game against North
Carolina in the final. It was significant. She broke her jaw in two places. She had surgery the other
night, and so her season’s effectively over,
which is disappointing, because she was having
an amazing season and she’s such a big part of our
team both on and off the field. It’s a tremendous blow
to our– obviously, our team because of the caliber
of goalkeeper Laurel is. But having said that, we feel
very strongly about our backup, Michaela Moran, and we’re
excited for her in the sense that we know what
she’s capable of doing. We see it every day in practice. And I think this is
an opportunity for her and she’s ready
for it, and I think the team will respond really
well to Michaela being in goal. They’ve done that already
this year and Michaela’s put in some amazing
performances already. So from that
standpoint, you know, this is part of why you have
the depth you do at this level. Into the box, now lays
it off for McCool. The turn, the
shot, and the goal! Our fans have been great
and the atmosphere, I think, has been a difference
maker for us when you look at this
year– not only this year, but when you look at this
year and in years past. So we’re excited to be
at Klockner on Saturday, and we’re preparing
hard against Radford. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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