P4A 2011: The Stroke Association [CC]

This summer totally out of the blue and when I was in California my dad suddenly had a stroke and past away ninety hours later. I thought really hard about how I could talk about this in a lighthearted way about this but the truth is it really is a really sad situation when you realise that he was one of a hundred and fifty thousand people in the UK and fifteen million people world wide who suffered a stroke this year. The statistics don’t get easier. Of those who suffered a stroke a third will die within the first ten days like my dad. A third will recover with in a month and the last third will be left disabled and need rehabilitation. In fact a quarter of a million people in UK live with a long term disability as a result of stroke. British charity The Stroke Association funds research into stroke prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, stroke support and service privision as well as doing other great things like campaigning against changes to benefits that will have a serious effect on stroke survivors and on those who care for them. Additionally The Stroke Association is a very useful internet resource for information the various kinds of stroke their clear and informative fact sheets were invaluable when I was thousands of miles away from everything going on at home this summer. And I would guess that we all know how difficult it can be to find reliable medical information on the internet. For this years Project4Awsome I want to raise one thousand pounds for The Stroke Association but I will need your help! Donations to this effort of any size, whatever you can afford to give, will be massively appreciated. And you can donate securely through Just Giving using the Just Giving page justgiving.com/rosianna


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