Perfect Golf Course For Stingers! | Haig Point Club Is One Of The Purest Golf Courses I’ve Played

it’s like the Augusta of South Carolina what is up hope you are doing good we’re
out here at Haig point this place is pure we’re gonna play a
quick nine gonna try to vlog the whole nine holes show you some cool shots
this course is picturesque thanks so much to Matt Loftus
with Rhoback for having us out you all know this guy right back here and guess what I’ve got a special tee right here matches my shirt pretty nifty
I know we’re gonna head straight to the first tee right now we’ll see you there solid little stinger there off the first
tee 131 yards left gap wedge in hand middle pin location let’s knock it close little right should be putt and see if
we can’t make birdie on 1st hole there’s my ball right side of the green 30 feet
left to the hole see if we can’t roll it I didn’t hit a practice putt on the
putting green greens are a bit slippery this morning they come back right there two for two on stingers hit well off the tee
had one 177 that was an 8 iron Garrett how pure is this place greens are absolutely perfect fairways perfect
rough perfect it’s like the Augusta of South Carolina heard of uh ski pilot
yeah something like that Zach how do you feel about that drive
hit that one pretty well was slightly off balance on the tee shot there but I
hit it really well 75 yards left middle pad it’s goes own go in go in how you draw it up right
there also that’s a pancake divot landed right there came up just short right
there’s the pant hello walking up here we did find out
that we were all just a little short right in there
look at this view by the way beautiful that is awesome
pin one’s a little further back here and I thought Jared is that you close closes
yeah closest missed in the group number six are four little dogleg left time to
sting it another fairway tint 184 yards left of
the pen little into the breeze 7r probably should have hit a little more
club there Oh short alright very pure they’re rolling amazing but very quick
two holes left par three number eight kind of a cool hole here
not mat from row back tell ya a little bit about this special par three
alright that head point that’s a pretty cool tradition there’s Calibogue Hall’s
eighth hole and 17th hole are both par threes this is the Calibogue hole this
is the eighth pala bogey hole that’s the Calibogue sound in the background you
can choose to play this hole a little bit easier still gorgeous or you can
play the next hole which you’ll see in the next video that’s a little more
intense a little more over the hole over the water
this will safer so your choice at hit point this is a super cool part 3 so we
chose to play the more difficult hole here it’s number 8 this is epic I’m
about to show you par 3 how far is this playing Garrett about
200 yards a little into the breeze full set there’s the tea back there there’s our
ball made the green a little deeper on the green then we are pen is all the way
back there nice little scenery behind that’s pretty
awesome he didn’t mark his ball and was actually
not a bad putt what around here at Haig point it’s been amazing thanks again so
much for having us out of course they really only ate it it’s been an awesome
morning we hit some fun shots this place was an epic location for stingers got to
show you a few out there today everybody had a great time really enjoyed the
round this guy right here yeah I am pretty much yeah so I hope you enjoyed
hate point picturesque views amazing round very enjoyable super nice yes and
yeah I’m gonna put all of row backs social media links all that good stuff
and the description down below I guess we’ll tag you really enjoyed it
guys hope you’re doing well if you like this kind of content please throw a
little thumbs up like subscribe below comment below what you like to see in
future posts and again guys we’ll see you when we say yeah you


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