Photographing Tahoe’s Deepest Ski Resort

(electronic music) – Nice, lay it down. Sweet. – Kern and I have been doing
this since the late ’90s, creating images for Sugar Bowl to use in their marketing
campaigns on the webpages, occasional billboard, which
we get super excited about, and it’s just awesome
to see the photos run, and it’s always good to get a good shot. It can be a lot of work, not every day is beautiful and easy, but it’s rewarding when you get it right. So like, you guys will drop in. – Yeah, right where
that bush is, like right on that sun shadow
line, it’s pretty sweet. – So, yeah, my brother and I have been skiing here our whole lives. I was four and he was one. Started in 1970, my
parents were Ski Patrolers. If it’s snowing, I know
I’ll be getting a call at some point in the evening with the plan for the next day, and that’s always been a priority for us to get out and enjoy Sugar Bowl, and the open gates and the fresh snow. It’s awesome. – Yeah, psyched to be
out early, light snow. I think the sun should
come out pretty soon, we’ll get some good light. Few really good skiers in Kurt and Darren, and yeah I’ve got a great crew. You know, when you get it just right, when the sun’s right, and the skier does what you think he’s gonna do, and the focus and the exposure
and all that stuff works out, you know, you can just
look at it for days. Sometimes when you get
that nice still image, it actually maybe even
looks better than it was. (laughing) It’s just awesome when it goes right. (hollering) – You Know, we just have
Sugar Bowl in our blood. We were up here all the
time, every weekend, and we just never lost it. And so, Sugar Bowl is still part of, a big part of our lives. – As long as we can still put the boots on and bend the knees, we’ll be charging. Like I said, Sugar Bowl
is awesome to work with, and they’re always open to
getting us out here early and letting us do what we wanna do. (uptempo music)

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