Physical Disability Cricket World Series – University of Worcester

My name is Will Flynn, I’m studying in
physical geography at the University of Worcester
and I’m going into my second year. My name’s James Nordin and I’ve just
finished my first year studying sports coaching science here at the University
of Worcester and I’m also part of the England physical disability cricket team.
So the University of Worcester just felt really homely for me, I came for an open
day here in October 2017 and I felt really at home. So I discovered the
University of Worcester after actually doing some research into disability
sport they having a mate we have an amazing reputation here for disability
sport with the University Arena which was it used to be a training base for
the DB wheelchair basketball team. So physical disability cricket isn’t
actually really that different from normal cricket I mean most of our guys
are playing extremely high stands of cricket whether it be in their respected
Premier League clubs in their certain counties. I’m being involved in this
world series so far has been an amazing experience every kid dreams of playing
in a World Cup in their own country. I think it just can expand the game as
well massively in disability cricket I know Worcester is particularly helpful
with their inclusions with disability sports as well with the arena obviously
having amazing cricket grounds to host this. We’ve had some amazing support from
the University of Worcester particularly the scholarship staff in sort of
balancing playing elite level sports and also our studies and our full-time
degrees. I think the inclusive cricket centre and
Worcester is going to be fantastic it’s got such a high profile the University
of Worcester with their sports as well especially catering for all abilities
and disabilities as well also having a cricket centre that is going to cater
for disability cricket and as well as recreational used by able-bodied users I
think it’s just going to be also going to boost the city massively and just
populate cricket even more it’s just a really exciting time I’m sure
it’s going to have a huge effect on the local community as well for people
around Worcester so it’s a fantastic fantastic step forward for cricket here
at Worcestershire.

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