Picking Golf Clubs, Equipment & Courses : Overview of the Golf Swing

This is Johnny Miles from The Lake Powell
National Golf Course in Page, Arizona with another hot golf tip for Expert Village. How
difficult can we make the game? Well, most players can make it pretty difficult. You
ask most players how many parts of the golf swing are, and they’ll name 4 or 5. When
in fact there are only 2. How simple can that be? Golf: all you have to do is aim the club,
square your body. The hands and the club start it back and it goes behind your shoulder,
and you don’t want a lot of tension in your arms. That’s why you don’t have a straight
left arm. So the hands and the club start it back. It just goes behind your shoulders
and your body follows your arms. You’ve just completed half the golf swing. It’s
pretty simple. Second part: you take your arms and you’re going to swing the club
at your target, and you’re going to allow your body to follow your arms so there is
no down swing. There’s only a back swing and a forward swing. When we talk about the
arms, let’s keep that simple too. It’s just from your elbow to your shoulder. This
is my forearm; this is my hand; that’s just linkage. It only does what my arm tells it
to do. This is another secret in golf. What do you turn a steering wheel with? Definitely
not your hands. What do you move a steak knife with. Your arm. Put your arm to your side,
you’re going to look like an idiot at the dinner table. Now, golf: let’s keep it simple.
Hands in club start it back, use your arms, swing the club at the target. Now, let’s
make it really simple. Let’s end all those top shots. You can look up on a golf ball
and you can’t get underneath it, so if you really want to play good golf, try this. Thrust
the grass as you swing the club at your target. So there’s only 2 parts: backswing and a
forward swing. If you want to by like Tiger Woods, do what Tiger Woods does, 2 parts to
the golf swing.

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