Playing The 2018 Ryder Cup Course at Le Golf National + My Top 5 French Golf Courses

hey guys Rory here from your golf travel
very lucky today I’m here in Paris I’m at Le Golf National which lots of you
will recognize as the course that hosted the 2018 Ryder Cup
so travelled here yesterday via the Eurostar extremely easy and convenient
for anyone situated in around London like myself and today I’m going to play
the golf course film everything I can as many holes as I can play and show you
guys what it’s all about to come to a Ryder Cup venue and play and in this
video I’m also going to talk about my five favorite French golf courses lots
of them will be concentrated in around that northern France area as that’s where
I’ve played most my golf from France and guessing this one’s probably going to sneak
onto the list at some point been gagging to play effort September when I came
here for the Ryder Cup so yeah gonna get going on the golf course and while I
make my way around let’s chat French golf and we’re off a bit of a necky cut but
that’s always a safe one for me so hopefully right semi-rough in play off
the first loving it I say in play off the first as you saw
that’s you off the 10th starting from the 10th today just to make sure I’m not
in the way of the other golfers who are here
yeah gorgeous looking hole everything I kind of expected so far as expected greens are not slow but
loving the fact I’m off to a par start and just coming up to the 11th tee now
Wow didn’t see this hole at the Ryder Cup because I was based myself basically
on the first tee for most of the day I was there and then we scooted to the
16th green to watch the culmination of the match but yeah this hole
absolutely gorgeous so I’m not gonna rank these golf courses in any
particular order I’m just going to pick five of my favorites I’m going to start
the list off with lemare at the 2k Golf Club I think this might have been the
first step of course I played in France easily accessible via the Eurotunnel
go from folks into Calais in 35 minutes and then the 2k is about 45 minutes from
there I’ve got two golf courses there LeFort and the mayor and lemare is
without doubt their championship offering it’s a very unique kind of golf
course it plays very link see it’s rugged it’s beautiful it’s really fun
and we played it quite a few times you’ll definitely have seen some vlogs
from there I’m sure and myself and Mark Matt and Dan we all love it it’s one of
our favorites in France so what better place to kick off this list than the
mayor outlet ookay right absolutely awful tee shot there
mr. green go by good 15 yards to the left with an 8-iron but managed to get
scramble par so happy with that but yeah just look at this hole absolutely
beautiful unfortunately came up a tad short but
just to point out I’m guessing this is going to be a fairly common challenge
look at the slope around this green just missing greens is not really an option
here yeah the mounding which is so integral to the
atmosphere the Ryder Cup it’s just so pronounced yeah I pissed about three
yards short of this green roll back down the slope and now facing a very tricky
up-and-down for a five drop shots on the way people suppose when you have stone cold top and
a duffed chip and a wedge shot with the ball right up near your kneecaps and a
lip out all on the same hole it’s gonna add up to a big number in it thought absolutely flagged that one but
drop off water hazard thank God that hit the brakes as you can see that has to miss by much
around here after what I consider were two pretty perfect iron shots obviously
the second it’s pitching three four yards long where it needed to be stay on
the green walking for the bogey having said that could have been a hell
of a lot worse that had not pulled up short that water hazard right starting
to get sparked the course which I actually recognize now as I said earlier
in the video I was here for the 2018 Ryder Cup but we employed a bit of a
minimalist strategy let’s say we stayed most of the day on the first tee
watching the groups go out I think we watched eight or nine group steal from
the first with that amazing grandstand and then as soon as we got a little bit
Restless we head straight for the 16th green on 15th tee now as I said getting
to the part of the course which I recognize and this the most spectacular
part of course I believe with all that amazing stadium style holes with lots
and lots of water fingers crossed ain’t going to lose too many balls I think I cleared that water by about 6
inches maybe pitch mark golf ball water how the hell
that made it over thank god it did Wow last time I was in this spot well not
this but but that spot just up there I was several beers down flying on the
Ryder Cup atmosphere and of course this is where it all ended for Team USA with
a filmic sand splash ball I’m not entirely sure the yardage I got from
this team guessing around the 135 mark got a pitching wedge fingers crossed I
can do better than Phil right well it’s definitely not wet but it’s definitely
not good either that’s about as an T short right is you
could have hit that shot par not looking likely well it’s not in the water off
the tee but it could well we after this shot yeah as expected in my defense that was
basically an impossible shot so not entirely upset about that ending up in
the water do you think there was anything else I could have done except
pop into that Bank which is what I was trying to do but oh well getting out to
call that a blob because I’m in amongst a load of other paying customers I don’t
really have time to be flapping around with drops so I’ve made I give myself a
double on this whole right number two of my list of top five froze golf courses
and when we go in exactly the same region as lamella 2k and that is hardly
now Harlow has two golf courses let pins and legends and honestly choosing
between those two golf courses extremely difficult but if someone had guns my
head I would probably go with Legends which is quite interesting because I’ve
played both those courses on two different filming trips and I played
Lapine’s first and I just assumed that lagoon’s I don’t know why I assumed this
was like the second course at the resort but said they’re both so kind of
neck-and-neck in terms of quality both absolutely stunning but I really just
enjoyed the more pronounced undulations and elevation changes on their dunes it
was slightly shorter as well just a beautiful beautiful golf course so same
kind of level of convenience as well as little UK Eurotunnel all the way there
45 minutes to an hour from Calais so I forgot was in the UK definitely be
checking out harder though an 2k I’m gonna get on with the rest of my round
now here at the golf Nash now only played six holes so far I can tell you
already it is gonna feature on this list it’s absolutely fantastic everything I
expected loving it right number three on the list is
another course in the northern France region and that is Bell doom
now this is one of the most unique courses you could ever hope to play it’s
a proper hybrid one minute you’re playing parkland next minute it feels
like links the look and feel of the whole place is just very very unusual in
a very very good way absolutely fantastic course and
certainly want to strap on to any northern France Golf Tour the clubhouse
as well is really really cute excellent food all-round just a really great
experience so certainly one to look out for getting away with a number of close
calls today so another one that benefits at eating it forward nine only does give
you options offer to you idiot driver we can get Long Island a lot of places it
brings par fives like this into reach for handicapped golfers like me if I’d
gone off the backs this would very much be a three-shot o which is probably the
safe thing to do but now I’m tempted to have a pop of the green 200 yards out
flush for iron should make it so be rude not to wouldn’t right well it wasn’t the distance that
was lacking in that shot it was the accuracy missed that left splash ball
7-iron left in now right all done on the back nine 18th
hole another absolute stunner I’m not 100% sure what chance I have to play all
the front line because of that fog issue this morning but I am scheduled to come
back out on the course with some of the course maintenance team and the people
who set this place up to be the championship test it is so I will be
seeing more the holes for sure just not sure how many so thoughts on the back
nine so far I said hopefully I’ll get to play all 18 just brilliant absolutely
loving the golf Nash now it’s so much fun it’s not easy it’s difficult so
teeing a fool like I have done is absolutely important because lots of
force carriers there’s lots of water the greens are fairly slow P and they’re
quick but absolutely brilliant as I said exactly what I expected from this place
and fingers crossed I’ll get to see the rest of it right just met with the guys at
reception heading to the first tee now which is technically the 10th tee for me
it’s my back nine but it’s the front nine it you know
what’s going on right now right guys so I’m joined by Christophe nice to meet
you Christophe had to go enjoy what is your position here at the golf national
I’m in charge of customer service okay Philippe is what’s your role here at the
golf national I’m the operation director National Informer graft a channel for 20
20 25 years Wow so yes well seeing this place change a lot in that matter yes
yes a lot a lot we’re gonna show you how to how to how to play the first two or
maybe three if we have a few ball he left in a in a golf bag yeah and I’m
here to show you guys how not to play the first three holes but yeah let’s get
going I’m I was here I was probably like up here in that massive grandstand that
was on the first very different picture now so Philippe in the Ryder Cup would
this be in very very long rough yes I think that during the the Ryder Cup it
was impossible to reach the win from from this place because it was a heavy
rough rough like this so I’m sure that we will not we didn’t have found the
ball on on this place really well yeah oh great shot go in yeah good shot good
shot this is one of the strongest part three on the course this one really
because usually the win is easy is in front of you so this is tough you have
already and when you face from from from the black it’s about 120 yards yeah I
saw on the footage it was like in the stadium was about 15 to 20,000 yes the
Gators are on there’s two photos I remember when I came I was in the
grandstand on the first and you could easily tell what was going on down here
as well the noise is actually incredible my career starting to show us how it’s done
let’s go this is a perfect shot you’re through aquiline keep good tests
right you guys must have you must have felt
very proud after the Ryder Cup because it was you
know you said you worked here for an awfully long time you were here two
years before the event and it was an amazing writer Cup obviously we’re all
European so it was amazing for us yes everybody’s needs some one of the best
ever yes right occurred because of all the atmosphere and as you can see the
golf course is perfect for to welcome a lot and a lot of people on this all also
a spirit saved a lot of players touching with a 3-wood or shortened ones and even
with the short irons we can see Phil Mickelson Patrick Reed always in the
water here tough FG shot also yeah and with an iron yeah it does look pretty
narrow nice rough on the left part it’s really easier for the first shot you can
put the ball on the left part and you will always find it back we don’t want
to punish people coming on I never take the easy way to Reese agree to boring lovely shot okay two very solid pars gentlemen thank you very much for your
time driving with ax sorry I couldn’t finish all the holes for taking those
out of your fear well next time we play more than three holes you can you can
come again tomorrow and Sunday thank you haribol lovely so number four on my list
of top five French golf course and we’re gonna shoot right down to the opposite
end of the country for this one and this is a bit of a random fine I know it’s
been fairly highly rate years ago of course but I kind of accidentally chose
to play here basically I was going on a road trip with one of my best mates who
I met in Madrid Airport we then drove to the south of France to the amazing
senors and we booked in 18 holes of golf their last-minute it was great
quick call to your golf travel we’ve done and honestly one of the most
beautiful golf courses I’ve ever played completely different in character to the
other course I’ve mentioned so far in this video and it was just part of a
trip which I’ll never forget it was a great road trip after señores which is a
bit of a surfing kind of area with some amazing beaches great restaurants down
by the water as well we drove all the way from there all the way through to
Amsterdam which a bit of a mental one but the golf course absolutely fantastic
anyone heading to the South of France certainly check out senors because it is
magnifique don’t you just love it when those skank
thin balls go straight down the target nothing like a bit of luck right guys the thing this actually might
be my last hole which is a bit of a shame but I’ve got four o’clock
appointment it’s about quarter past three now I’m only on fifth on the front
nine unless I get a chance to sneak out later on this evening Sun doesn’t go
down here until about half seven so the trance I might be able to sneak out and
drive out her in a buggy and finish these last four holes but we shall see
either way what an experience has been on the Albatross Cup course here at the
Gulf national absolutely stunning course some of the signature holes here
absolutely amazing and it’s definitely definitely something you have to come
and check out if you’re a fan of a the Ryder Cup be great golf courses see
amazing place like Paris


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