POKÉMON Detective Pikachu – Official Trailer 2

Pikachu: So there I was.I woke up with a heavy case
of amnesia
in the middle of nowhere.The only clue to my pastis Harry’s name and address
inside this hat.
So I made my way
to the apartment,
and that’s when I found you…
and your stapler gun. Stop talking.
You’re a hallucination! You’re a hallucination.Tim: So you’re a talking
Pikachu with no memories
who’s addicted to caffeine.I could stop whenever I want.
These are just choices. Another round. Extra shot.[ whispers ] Black as night.
Thank you, sweetie.
Ludicolo!Pikachu: I don’t know.
Maybe Harry got in too deep.
Mixed up with the wrong crowd,
that kind of thing.
Look, you can talk to humans.– [ snoring ]
– I can talk to Pokémon.
[ squeaks ]Pikachu: And if you wanna
find your pops,
we’re gonna need each other.
– No. I don’t need a Pokémon. What about
a world-class detective? – Ah! My clues!
– Tim: What is all this?
Harry is still alive.
Case closed. But still open until I solve it. ♪♪♪Pikachu:
All right. Here it is.
Harry faked his own death. Or…somebody else
faked Harry’s death. ♪♪♪ Or Harry faked
somebody else’s death. – Hmph.
– That last one doesn’t work at all.
– No.♪ Ah, ah ♪♪ I need a hero ♪♪ I’m holding out for a hero
till the end of the night ♪
♪ He’s gotta be strong,
and he’s gotta be fast ♪
– Oh!
– ♪ And he’s gotta be fresh ♪
♪ From the fight ♪♪ I need a hero ♪– Oh!
– [ snarls ]♪ And he’s gotta be
larger than life ♪
Now, obviously, I’ve dealt
with this putz before. – [ growls ]
– So I’ll just do it again. [ grunting ] Hey, bud! What are you doing? I can’t do it
when people are watching. [ growls ] Get me the hell out of here! [ roars ] Pika-Pika…? [ roars ] ♪♪♪ That’s a twist. [ whispers ]
That’s very twisty.♪ I need a hero ♪– Pikachu: Get him!
– Tim: He’s barely moving.
– Don’t tell him that.
– Oh, he’s on a bike.Pikachu:
Quick! Get in front of him.
– Tim: Stop.
– Pikachu: Oh, no.
He’s going down hard, Tim.Should’ve worn a helmet.

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