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What makes Lake Isle so unique is that there’s
nothing quite like it. Everything that it offers from the golf course to the tennis
courts to the pools to the food. I mean, you could spend your whole day here. You can come
here early in the morning, you can tee off. You can go and play after lunch. You can have
a great lunch here at the new facility. Then you can go to the pool with your kids, and
you can spend the whole afternoon here. By the time you leave, you can be here from dusk
to dawn. I’ve been coming to this pool for over 20 years, recently with our children
who are really enjoying it. It’s just quick and easy. We’re like five minutes away. I
have three sons. They’re all different ages. So they use all of the pools. As long as it’s
sunny, we come to Lake Isle. There’s not another town course for the cost with the condition
with the speed of play. When you look at the maintenance, it’s so meticulously maintained.
People that I talk to that had played here years ago know the old Lake Isle. They don’t
know the new Lake Isle. When you come here, there are new traps. There are improved conditions
around the greens. There are improved greens. The greens are so fast now compared to 10
years ago when this course wasn’t nearly as good as it is now. I’ve been a member of Lake
Isle Tennis Club for more than 10 years. I’d say Lake Isle Tennis Club is unique first,
because the people are very nice to even play tennis with. Basically, it’s a year round
facility. So in the summer we have beautiful outdoors and in the winter they have very
good bubbles. So it’s fun playing indoors as well. I think anyone that wants to play
tennis, it’s an excellent opportunity for them. The uniqueness about the amenities at
Lake Isle is it’s new, it’s contemporary, it’s modern, it’s got a whole new look. When
you hear Mulino’s you know what you’re getting. You’re getting food. You getting the service,
and you’re getting the ambiance here at Lake Isle that is second to none. You’d be hard
pressed to find a facility like this in any town here in the county and surrounding counties,
I might add. Whether it’s on the golf course, pool, tennis, or in the catering hall now,
it’s really become a remarkable place to join When you look at Lake Isle compared to other
country clubs, Lake Isle has everything the other clubs have, minus one thing. That is
exorbitant cost. So no matter where you live in the surrounding areas of Eastchester, you
should join Lake Isle for all the things that it offers. Lake Isle Country Club, something
for everyone. For more information, click here or call 914-961-3453.

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