Preventing Sudden Death in Sport

when you suffer a heat stroke there’s
an oppressive heat that is like nothing you’ve ever felt in your life there are three critical life-saving
steps to take if an athlete suffering a heat stroke first is to get accurate core body
temperature she’s 106 second is to cool the person down
preferably onsite and third is to use cold water immersion to
cool them down if you don’t follow these strategies there’s
a very good chance the athlete will die my name is douglas casa i’m the chief
operating officer of the korey stringer institute in the near schoo of
education at the university of connecticut gory stringer was an offensive tackle
for the minnesota vikings in the n_f_l_ in two thousand one on the second day of training
camp he suffered a heat stroke ultimately he died from the consequences of that
heat stroke the mission of the korey stringer
institute is to prevent sudden death in sport we do it by four primary methods one
is by educating the public and coaches and athletes and parents second is by doing research to try to enhance
our knowledge base in this particular field third is advocacy for policy changes
to make better rules to keep athletes safer and fourth is mass-market outreach so we
can get this word out to the public at large a great example of the mission of
the korey stringer institute is the work we’ve done in the state of arkansas over
the last couple years the summer of two thousand ten was one of the hottest on record in
arkansas dot haha despite the heat high school football teams across the
state were practicing gearing up for the season keep your eyes up here guys gotta be able to think when we’re tired will james a sixteen-year-old two hundred
fifty-pound lineman for pulaski academy began to falter it was heat stroke will was rushed to the i.c.u. at
arkansas children’s hospital that arkansas children’s that weekend
and there were a total of four high school boys all in serious
condition with football related injuries after three weeks in the hospital will was released weak and needing kidney dialysis my name is logan johnson
i’m fourteen years old and i live in jonesboro arkansas two years ago i suffered from
exertional heat stroke my mom warned be about how hot it is i was worried i had been listening
to the radio because we had an excessive heat warning i told the coach i was getting really tired he just told me to go on i started to fall on our last sprint fell once
and i was the last one he was having respiratory failure and he had pulmonary edema an enlarged heart so he was basically having congestive heart failure back now at eight nineteen with a
warning to parents and students as training gets under way for many high
school sports the korey stringer institute has assisted the state of arkansas
with trying to make some positive changes we assisted in getting three laws passed and new heat acclimatization policies
invoked for the state of arkansas all within the last two years we got to go to the state capitol of arkansas and watch governor beebe sign into law this bill that requires all the public schools in arkansas to have a tub to cool players that are on a football field with these changes the state of arkansas
becomes one of eight states that meets the minimum guidelines for heat acclimatization and the korey stringer institute is working diligently
with many other states so that eventually all of them meet the minimum standards keep fighting, teamwork get you through baby
togetherness the korey stringer institute is extremely proud
to work with the n_f_l_ gatorade and timex in its goals of trying to prevent sudden death in sport in nineteen eighty five i suffered a heat stroke
and was extremely fortunate to survive because of the exceptional care I
received that day and it’s ultimately the goal of the korey stringer institute to make sure that no
parent has to live with the tragedy of their child dying when it was preventable


  • Coaches and athletes everywhere could benefit from education about heat stroke, including its symptoms, prevention tactics, and early warning signs. An athlete at high risk of heat stroke should be able to tell the coach that they are not feeling well, and the coach should have a policy that puts the individual athlete's life and health above the team's desire for victory. Short version: Know the signs, prioritize health, save lives.

  • Excellent video on the Korey Stringer Institute & their mission to educate to save lives from heat related illness. Their techniques are proven time & time again. Every coach, parent & school should view this video. Doing so will save lives.

  • thanks for the info.

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