Random Golf Hole Challenge With GM Golf | Loser Gives $50 To Random Stranger

three no I wanted that that was hit
really well $50 yeah this is the one that we’re
going with that is on a really good line all right if we are all good we’re out
here at the junior course today Garrett Matt we are gonna be doing a
random golf hole challenge what’s going to happen each player is playing two
holes as soon as the balls been selected for the hole that you will be going to
that holes done we’re all teeing off from the exact same tee box for every
single hole total score wins and the losing total score is going to be
walking up to a random stranger with a balloon with a $50 bill yeah
so some random person either at the legends or wherever we decided to go
walk and give a random stranger 50 bucks any words Garrett any words Matt’s 50
dollars yeah this challenge I’ve never heard anything like it random golf hole
challenge so yeah as you can see one two three four five six I was really proud
of myself for drawing these numbers on here they look pretty good we’re gonna
alright let’s do it head to the tee right now we are gonna
choose the order highest number goes first the lowest number goes last middle
in the middle Matt go ahead and choose a ball three three all right I’m gonna go ahead
choose a ball six oho Garrett choose a ball four
for me Garrett and then Matt alrighty I am drawn first hold number six I will
take that that is really close to the clubhouse not very fair one I like that
one it’s just a normal show just grab wide both ah that’s easy that’s probably
the easiest one I want three so bad what you two have yeah let’s see what Zach
gets here for a second pick three oh great and two to choose a hard one to is
probably the hardest all right so I have holes three and six matt has holes one
in four Garrett has holes five and two before any of us tee off we are all
going to be playing from the same tee box right here that I’m standing on so
yeah some holes are gonna be playing pretty easy and some holes are gonna be
playing pretty tough we’re gonna go ahead and head to my first hole number
six first hold number six right there I’m
gonna show you a graph to show you the exact distance here’s the whole layout
109 yards to the pin all rough up to the green very short-sighted shot here might be a little short but that was
right at the pen we’re walking up to Zach second shot you get that one a
little short stinger for right at the pin your did to eat in a really good
shot huh should have a good up-and-down here so I’m assuming we’re just gonna go
by like how many strokes you have at the end when you’re all done stroke play really high flop right in the hole oh my
now he’s got a putt for three not a bad start that is a four for me on hole
number six we didn’t bring a rangefinder that that’s kind of the beauty of it
today is you’re kind of just guesstimating playing a new golf course
such a fun thing to do once again we are going to put a graph up we are gonna put
a graph up but I’m not gonna know what that graph says this is a very
straightforward shot here for Garrett 155 yards really nothing in his way
thanks to sunflower for letting us do this absolutely
yessir I literally don’t know how far it is I’m gonna hit pitching wedge but that
could be wrong there’s the green right there heading
just a little right but does look to be a good number wine on the green doesn’t
it what’s your game plan on your two holes
yeah well hole 101 I just got a fight over one yeah I shouldn’t stress too
much I’m really looking for a three we’re playing that as a part three right
yep old one take it simple take it calm ball
four we’re gonna be a little tricky gonna have to carry some trees but as
long as we get a good start and hold one I think the rest of the plan is just
gonna continue to be Matt Eugene sharp the third and continue to get the job
done that way and the rest will take care of itself
think about what is Garrett doing back there this is his whole me and matter up
here on the green he’s like a hundred yards back there
alright guys we got a chip from about I don’t know 20 yards to get up and down
for a three sacks obviously at four right now one over if I can make this
this would be clutch that looks really good nice girl shot
very nice touch there sir that’s a four on hole five me and Garrett are all
square through one of the two holes that we’re playing matt has yet to tee off
we’re heading back to the tee for him to play number one right Matt’s hole a
little dogleg around those bushes right there what’s our distance here
approximately all right that much perfect yep little seven are 192 yards
here for Matt just playing hole number one the normal way right over the shrubs heading a little left middle degree of
middle of the green sit at least that’s what Garret saying
so you all have seen this first tee shot a few times now on the channel it is
kind of a tricky shot because you do really need to hit it further left than
it looks but it’s really tough to just hit it out over the middle of that brush
hit center of the green here so I might have hit it a little long
please don’t have to fix a divot how we doing guys five 7-iron right we found it get
involved you want to be this big you want to look this good and smell like a
giant sack of potatoes then you’re gonna want to hit the weight room six times a
day all right there’s this ball there’s the grain very
short-sighted forty-five yards left really very very good from there what a
flop that was a shot right there sir get under it like Phil with the flop yeah
what is Gary doing out in the middle fairway is my question
you never know that was in the jaws solid sir very nice for for me for for
Garrett for Fermat all through one hole we’re on to our second hole yeah we’re
gonna see who’s gonna be giving a random stranger a balloon with a $50 bill
number three pretty much the same line as number one where Matt just played two
but about 80 90 yards longer so I’m gonna be hitting 3-wood here full send
the longest hole we will have here today 292 yards over a lot of trees and bushes
gonna choose a line and send it would I never hit 3-wood we’re gonna see
how this turns out I hit it a little right but I actually think it could be
pretty decent I don’t know it’s probable right kind of guessing on the line
really hot out here really so walking down one fairway I
think my line was somewhere right there the green is over those trees about
there should actually be in pretty decent shape thought it was probably
about to 85 to 90 off the tee so I hit with 3-wood that’s about the number I
thought I would hit that three hood and we did just off the green on the right
side perfect number very happy with that there is the pin and here’s the ball
behind Garrett alright guys so the one Zach is playing right now is the longest
hole of the day that you can possibly get I mean that’s almost a par four
length and this man just drove it with the 3-wood go go good shot hold on well done that is a par 3 for me and my
total score is a seven for my two holes really excited about that hole
longest hole of the day got our first part of the day seven strokes for me for
my two holes hey guys we were going to hold two for my ball right here here’s
the deal I got to go up and around these trees but I don’t know what club to hit
that’s my biggest issue here jared has 200 yards he’s gonna need to play a
little cut over the left side of these trees to get close to that pen I always
have really well right at it hopefully you got there I
don’t really know though maybe this will see everybody was wondering where you
went to Matt watching the golf bag well who’s watching the bag now Steve
realities back there just say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine
you just can’t not bad here folks just a little left of the green if it was a
little more right it would have been okay you did there’s those ball there’s
the green really pretty good play it’s gonna be just a little short I need this
really bad not good there folks two floors on the
day we need Matt to make it ten I’m Matt so is there an advantage to go last to
know exactly what you have to do to get the job done I think so it’s good to
know what I need to do I think I can I ripped my last one so the pin is right
through those two trees right there trying to figure out the distance I will
put up the graph to show you rough estimate on the distance and the
line Matt needs to send this one hi land it’s soft those trees are just short of
that green not an easy shot here 197 yards however here in the moment we
don’t really know the distance what number you thinking 185 be a pretty good
number according to where you hit the seven iron which would have been about
ten yards along minus ten equals a that is on a really good line maybe just a
little right I think that distance is pretty good I don’t know that I need a
lob wedge but I’m gonna bring one just a case I mean I’m guessing it’s at least
185 yards I don’t know how many people can do that
I’m just beast two cameras one there one there we’re getting the job done that
way we’re gonna get up here it’s give me the middle the green I’m in a two-putt
we’re gonna win Garrett’s gonna have to go do the balloon challenge I hate the
ball long ways we’re thinking the ball is over the green that’d be insane we’re
not seeing it anywhere on the green the line was kind of somewhere in here it’s
what we were thinking wow we found it that was an incredible shot technically
as long that was a long iron I feel a little nervous cuz I know I got a I got
to go up and down in order to beat Garrett am I allowed to clean my ball
probably not probably not it’s fun it’s good because you’re giving someone else
a nice prize a random person so even if I do lose even if he does get up and
down I’ll be happy that’s gonna need to go rocket in me I guess there’s two losers which means
Matt and I have to give the balloon that is it I finished at a total of seven
strokes these two finished at a total of eight strokes that was a lot of fun got
to play these holes in a very different way than I’ve ever played them I don’t
know about y’all these two are gonna have to both go and give a random
stranger a balloon what $50 those people buy my clubs right now head over there
and scoop up those clubs we’re gonna see y’all when we go get the balloon here
looking forward to this I do not condone gambling so I am covering this no matter
who lost this challenge I was going to be covering the $50 and the virtues of
the balloon to give to the random stranger and tell them they’re awesome
hopefully that makes their day heading into Dollar Tree right now I thank you
sir this is the one that we’re going with
you’re so special right there got the balloon paying right now thank you very
much thank you we drove around and after a little while found out that there’s no
$50 bills to be had here in Kansas City so we’re gonna go with two 20s and a 10
go give it to a random stranger we’re here at the legends you’re awesome
exactly all are lost good guys it’s gonna make someone’s day and that’s what
it’s all about here today sup fellas how we doing
you guys have been randomly selected today $50 bucks 50 bucks for random you
guys have a nice day you know yeah real yeah no not a joke huh yeah 50 bucks for
you guys hopefully you guys are enjoying your day slaw sit around just picking
random people getting random people feels good like the one on the left is
like he’s confused what why why would you do this
hope you all enjoyed today’s random hole challenge giving 50 dollars to a random
stranger for the loser I finished at 7 strokes total they both finished at 8 so
Matt and Garrett had to go up to a random stranger and I’m a balloon and
hand them $50 seemed like those guys really enjoyed it so hope that made
their day hope you all enjoyed following along today’s challenge it was a lot of
fun shooting and giving away $50 to a random stranger if you enjoyed it please
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see when we say you


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