Ready Player One Everything You Missed

>>Crazy Nate: The entire plot of the movie
Ready Player One is centered around finding three hidden keys to get one golden easter
egg, and of course trillions of dollars. So it should come as no surprise to you that
there are hidden easter eggs scattered all over the movie for you to go and try to find
on your own little journey. Get ready gents and gentlets, it’s time
for everything you missed in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. (intro music plays) Steven Spielberg is the guy that brought us
Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T. Jurassic Park and so many other amazing movie
classics, and now we get to add the Oasis to the list of vacation destinations away
from reality. Just like in Wreck it Ralph this movie pays
tribute to a lot of video games from the past, that are the foundation to today’s games
that we jave come to know to love, or hate. He also references a lot cartoons and movies. There are literally thousands of characters
in the movie, well actually some of the characters are recycled several times, so maybe more
realistically it’s hundreds of characters. For example, every character that you see
in the night club is also in the grand battle to find the final key. So watch this, we’ve got Death-stroke, Blanka
and Chun-li from street fighter. If you look at the bar, we have Lara Croft
getting a little sippy sippy.>>Graveyard Girl: Sippy Sippy!>>Crazy Nate: and the bartenders are rocking
Devo hats from whip it. If you drink enough with Lara Croft and you
might start to see dancing frogs with sunglasses on, he’s called Battletoad, and that’s
Tracer. Then that mushroom over there is Miko and
Ambra, both of them are from Battleborn. I’m not sure about the turtle though, kinda
looks like Blastes the Pokemon. Now we know that Wade’s favorite movie is
Buckaroo Banzai, and that’s who he’s dressed up as. But what about Samantha’s dress. Now there’s a lot of movies with red dresses,
but there’s only one movie character that I can possibly think of with a red dress that
appears to be on fire, Perhaps this is a tribute to Katniss. Either way this dance scene with the disco
floors is from the movie Saturday Night Fever. Tracer from Overwatch. The dude that’s got the floating crown is
el Dragon from Battleborn, There’s Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, even though the
stripe is on the wrong arm. If you watch closely when i-Rok shows up he
kicks Harley Quin out of her own private booth, which is probably not a very good idea. If you keep watching you will see Harley Quin
went to go tell the Joker on them. We learn Artemis is a fan of Halo even though
that’s a garbage gun in Halo and she’s a fan of Judge Dredd, while Parzival prefers
Battlestar Galactica.>>Parzival: First to the key>>Crazy Nate: In the race, first to the key,>>Aech: First to the egg.>>Crazy Nate: with exception of what the
Sixers drive it seems that every single car’s a famous car. Parzival’s obviously driving the DeLorean
from Back to the Future. The Time travel dates in the Delorean also
have the same dates from back to the Future, but the present day time is actually the day
in the movie. His dream girlfriend also calls him Mcfly
because Marty Mcfly’s the guy that drives the car.>>Samantha: I’ll wave to you from the finish
line Mcfly.>>Crazy Nate: Another famous vehicle that
made it into the race was the van from the A-Team.>>Mr. T: What you doing sucka?>>Crazy Nate: And I pity the fool that doesn’t
recognize That’s Dizzy Wallen from Gears of War, and he’s talking to Lara Croft from
Tomb Raider, and that red car couldn’t be any more obvious in a sea of grey cars. She’s not just a car though, her name is
Christine, from the movie Christine. That butt ugly car with the two tanks on the
back is from the original Mad Max. We also see Ryu in the race as well. He’s right next to an upgraded version of
the Mach 5 from Speed Racer. The fastest car that’s in the race is the
car from Atari’s Pole Position. Joker also gets to sneak into the race with
a poster for Ace Chemicals, which is what made the Joker the Joker. There’s the original batman car, that we
find out can’t actually fly. Now I didn’t see the cop car from Robo Cop
in the race, but there’s a sign for Delta City where the future has a silver lining,
which is also from Robo Cop. Artemis’ bike in case you missed it or if
you need captions to understand what the heck H is even saying,>>Aech: Yeah, I see it. That’s Keneda’s bike from Akira.>>Crazy Nate: and it also has stickers of
Hello Kitty, Mrs Pacman, Atari, and even Wonder Woman on the bike. If you didn’t notice that H is driving the
famous big foot you probably have to be reminded to look both ways before crossing the street.>>Russel: I could help you cross the street.>>Crazy Nate: In the race we also see King
Kong on the Empire State Building, and the T-rex from the Lost World taking a bite out
of a car, or almost eating H Like she did in Jurassic Park. I know you’re thinking Jack Slater 3 here
has to be a movie right, since it does have Schwarzenegger in it? But it’s not.>>Jameson: You serious?>>Crazy Nate: Calm down, calm down, it is
in a movie. It’s a movie called Last Action Hero. Sho’s car is also the car from Smokey and
the Bandit. That’s probably the reason why his car is
smoking. The semi truck that they almost got hit by
in the race was from the movie Big trouble in China. When James Halliday comes back from the dead
to announce his own death he does it in Star Trek fashion, with the Star Trek Logo, the
USS Enterprise, and even the same coffin that was used in Spock’s Funeral. The quarter could also be a hint to when you
think the character is dead in reality they have an extra life. But what we don’t have to guess, is the
year of the quarter is 1972. Ernest Cline is the author of the novel Ready
Player One which is what the movie is based on, and his birthday is in March 29th 1972. Extra Life. With the first key we learned drive backwards. With the second key we learned, just kiss
the girl.>>Sebastian: Sing with me now>>Frogs: Sha la la la la by your mind you
gonna kiss the girl.>>Crazy Nate: Then the final key. What the heck? They just left us hanging? If you read the clue, it says>>Samantha: If you know the answer ultimate
divide it by the number magic and what you need want and desire will be found in the
fortress tragic.”>>Crazy Nate: In Hitchhikers Guide to the
Galaxy the ultimate answer is 42.>>Girl: Tell us The answer>>Computer: The answer to what?>>Girl: The answer to life the universe,
everything. We’d really like an answer. Something simple.>>Computer: The answer to the ultimate question,
of life, the universe, and everything is 42.>>Crowd: 42?!>>Crazy Nate: If you remember School House
Rock as a kid on the old tube, you might remember 3 is a magic number.>>Man singing: 3 is a magic number, yes it
is, it’s a magic number.>>Crazy Nate: So if you divide 42 by 3 you
get 14, sector 14. This is the location of this castle, and where
you will find your third key. Another thing that was left out of the movie
was a high five for the high 5 clan. If you watch the entire time, Watts never
actually gets a high five.>>Samantha: Well what would you do if you
won?>>Watts: Alright!>>Ogden: I don’t do that.>>Crazy Nate: Maybe he should clan up with
Dash from the Incredibles, and they could call them selves the no high fivers. Growing up with Gremlins you might recognize
that the box that the Orb of Osuvox was stored in, is the treasure chest from the Gremlins. The spell that activates the orb is from the
movie Excalibur.>>i-Rok: Anál nathrach, orth’ bháis’s
bethad, do chél dénmha.>>Merlin: Anál nathrach, orth’ bháis’s
bethad, do chél dénmha.>>Crazy Nate: If you paid close enough attention
in history class or was it English class, I don’t know I wasn’t paying attention. Either way you’re gonna recognize this scene
right here.>>i-Rok: I knew him well Sorrento.>>Hamlet: I knew him Horatio>>Crazy Nate: If you thought the Title of
the movie was just some weird retro neon font, it’s actually the first clue in the movie
that ends up being the last clue needed to get the third key. It’s actually a maze that has an entrance
but has no exit. But if you wonder around long enough you will
find a hidden easter egg.>>Wade: That’s why he created the first digital
easter egg, and to find it you didn’t even have to win, you just had to blindly play
searching around in rooms for an invisible dot.>>i-Rok: That’s what I like about you Nolen,
you never lick, you bite straight to the chocolaty center of the tootsie pop. Remember that old commercial with the owl?>>Kid: How many licks does it take to get
to the tootsi roll center of the tootsie pop?>>Wise Owl: Let’s find out. One, two, three, three.>>Crazy Nate: i-Rok Seems to be a pretty
creepy creature. But we find out quickly that he just loves
to play the game, and he just so happens to be playing for the highest bidder.>>Nolan: Done.>>i-Rok: Wait really? I should of asked for 5, is 4 still on the
table?>>Crazy Nate: When the army shows up to fight
IOI he says No man is a failure who has friends. This is exactly what Clarence the guardian
angel said in It’s a wonderful life.>>i-Rok: No man is a failure who has friends.>>Crazy Nate: and by the way, if you haven’t
seen that movie, you need to put it on your bucket list. now we all know you can’t pay tribute to
so many classics without showing mad love for Star Wars, and Ready Player One didn’t
disappoint us.>>Nolan: You want the millennium falcon?>>Wade: You have that?>>Han Solo: you never heard of the Millennium
Falcon?>>Obi-Wan: Should I have?>>Han Solo: It’s the ship that made the Castle
run in less than 12 parsecs.>>James Halliday: Nice racing young padawan.>>Crazy Nate: A Padawan is a Jedi in training,
obviously, and Wade is obviously a fan of Star Wars since he has a holster is the same
type of holster that Han Solo had in Star Wars for his gun. The only difference is he has a custom Thundercats
logo. Another thing for Star Wars is once life is
all good for our heroes, they have R2-D2 in the flat with them as well. But if you happen to be going out clubbing
you might notice one of the many famous spaceships from Star Wars like the Imperial Shuttle,
or my favorite is this x-wing like the one Luke Skywalker flew. When they’re entering the movie theater of
the Shinning we can also see one of the posters are for War Games, but since we’re focusing
on Star Wars at the moment we can see Darth Vader in a poster for Revenge of the Jedi. Another part that’s screaming Star Wars
is when Artemis goes to shut down the shields. Just like Obi-wan Kenobi did when he was on
the Death Star. Ironically even though Steven wrote the novel
for the Shinning he actually didn’t like the movie in real life,>>Wade Owen Watts: And it’s based on the
best written book by Stephen King, who hated the movie.>>Crazy Nate: So this part is actually true. But if you paid close enough attention to
the scene, when Wade and Samantha are watching James and Ogden talk about the date night,
if you look at the computer you will see James is designing the game for the shining while
they’re actually talking. HINT HINT. He was literally working on the second key
right there. The creepiest part of the shining though,
is there’s no toilet paper. And I get that this is virtual reality, but
the photograph was literally just ripped, can’t we keep it ripped? consistency. Another thing is Sam,>>Wade: I’ll call you Sam.>>Samantha: No.>>Wade: Samantha?>>Crazy Nate: Sorry, Samantha. Samantha gets arrested because of her outstanding
debt.>>F’Nale: Samantha Evelyn Cook, IOI has purchased
and consolidated all of your outstanding debt currently in eccess of 23,000 credits.>>Crazy Nate: Even though she just found
the second key so she’s literally like the richest person in the Oasis, so how does she
possibly still owe money? The only other thing I noticed that seemed
off, when it should of been on was Nolan Sorrento doesn’t know how to put on his own headset,
the clip went over the ear instead of behind it. I know we’re splitting hairs here. But hey at least he knows how to make a mean
coffee.>>Nolan: Right?>>James Halliday: Hell of a latte>>Crazy Nate: Speaking of hair. Nolan’s avatar has a superman vibe. Makes sense, since several times we saw the
good guys rocking Batman Stickers. Now obviously I’m team Batman, and so is
James Halliday. Batman even shows up with cat woman to help
defeat Nolan and IOI. But to be totally fair, James Halliday’s
favorite quote was from superman not batman. So there is that.>>Wade: His favorite quote was from Superman,
some people can read war and peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story>>Samantha: Others can read the ingredients
on the back of a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe.>>Lex Luthor: some people can read war and
peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on the back
of a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe.>>Crazy Nate: If you’re team batman comment
The hero we deserve. If you’re team superman say where’s my
glasses. He’s also a fan of Marvin the Martian, which
was one of my personal favorites Looney Tunes. Which I think I do a pretty decent impression,
I’m not sure, what do you think? Surrender you earthlings, or I will be forced
to destroy you. I just got hate! Cringe level is real! we also see that he has a fantasy pin of Simon
the game. Which makes sense, he grew up playing it. Survey Time! If you had a choice would you rather live
in real life for 100 years with your friends and family, or in the oasis for 1,000 years? But here’s the catch, if you live in the
Oasis, no one you know from your real life will know who you are the entire time. Let’s go shopping for some more easter eggs. This is where everyone is buying the street
fighter skins, and looney tunes, or halo, borderlands, or ninja turtles, and even overwatch. Dungenons and dragons doesn’t really play
a big role in the movie but in the book it was a vital part of obtaining the keys.>>Wade: Wow! The zemeckis cube!>>Crazy Nate: The Zemeckis cube is a reference
to Robert Zemeckis who directed the movie back to the future. Which is also the reason why the Zemeckis
cube controls time.>>Wade: 20 thow for the Holy Hand Grenade?>>Crazy Nate: And of course the Holy Hand
Grenade is from Monty Python and the Holy grail.>>Priest: Bless this thy hand grenade, that
with it though mayst blow thy enemies to tiny bits.>>Crazy Nate: Monty Python was about a bunch
of knights who are trying to find the Holy Grail, and if you ask me I would call that
a historical easter egg hunt. Which is also the reason why Wade likes to
go by the name Parzival, after Percival the knight who attempted to find the Holy Grail. This is also the reason why he has a golden
knights sword on his back. The bomb that Samantha threw into Godzilla
to kill Nolan was a Dust Brain. If you grew up with POGS and slammers you
probably remember mad balls, and you can buy them in the store. This is also where they got Chucky the doll
from. OK, now since there are so many character
easter eggs, let’s kick this baby into high gear and fly through them. There’s Jason from Friday the 13th, and
Freddy Kruger, and Duke Nukem, or how about Indiana Jones’ whip? I know, I can’t prove it’s his whip, but
you can’t prove it’s not his whip. So moving on. This weird eye here is all that’s left from
the alien ship from War of the Worlds. Here’s the Cyclops from the 7th Voyage of
Sinbad. And also right behind Wade, this guy’s dressed
up as Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future. And of course we have more ninja turtles. And Arkham knight is opening the door to more
easter eggs like Beetlejuice, superwoman, Lara Croft, batgirl, and Goro from mortal
Kombat, obviously the alien popping out of his chest is from the movie Aliens. Here’s a shout out to Superman with the Clark
Kent glasses. Then theres Benedict, then again that weird
mushroom looking thing Miko, from the game battleborn. More people that we see in the battle are
Lara Croft, see what I mean about reusing characters? Catwoman, Chun Li, Tracer from overwatch running
next to Femshep, the deadites from Army of darkness, He man, halo guys, bat girl, a gremlin
from gremlins, and standing on the mountain holding the boom box he’s calling out to
the movie, Say Anything. It’s literally an army of easter eggs. Research shows that Parzival is clearly a
fan of ferris bueller’s day off, and the breakfast club.>>Wade: Of course I am.>>Nolan: Because the first thing I would
do is convert all the schools on Ludis to replicas from Breakfast Club and Ferris Buller.>>Wade: No way.>>Crazy Nate: It also seems that the Library
from Shermen high is what the library is themed after in the movie, with the same design,
all the way from the lights to the handrails, from the chairs to the floor. Maybe Hello Kitty is stuck in detention. We also saw her earlier with her friends Keroppi
and Badtz Maru. Next to them we see Attikus from Battleborn,
and behind them is Protoss from one of the best games ever, called Starcraft, even though
Terran army is way better than Protoss, and Steven Spielberg probably already knew that,
and that’s why he gave Jim Raynor a bigger spot in the movie, that’s right, this guy’s
from Starcraft as well. You know there was one game I didn’t see
though, and that’s an easter egg to Fortnite.>>Lance Brumder: You better not! You better not!>>Crazy Nate: Yeah it’s true I’m probably
only hating because I’m bad at the game, but if the only reason you play it is because
it’s free>>Ninja: This game is a joke man, if it wasn’t
free it would be gone! I’d be playing something else.>>Crazy Nate: Well guess what, star craft
is free too. You’re welcome.>>Maui: What can I say except you’re welcome.>>Crazy Nate: Inside H’s garage is another
hand-full of easter eggs, literally.>>Aech: Touch nothing.>>Crazy Nate: Not including the Fraggle Rock
lunch box full of easter eggs that some people would probably argue don’t count as easter
eggs if the character mentions it.>>Wade: The Galactica of course.>>Aech: These are my babies of course.>>Wade: Sulocko from Aliens.>>Aech: Dude Why are you sowing off my S****>>Wade: Valley ford from Silent Running,
oh where’s the harconan drop ship? That thing is sick! Folds base like a boss I mean you can get
from inepio to armakis…>>Aech: Fingers!>>Violet: Are we going to talk about it?>>Bob Parr: What?>>Violet: the elephant in the room.>>Crazy Nate: Yeah Iron Giant, is obviously
a shout out to the movie Iron Giant.>>Sally Carrera: Figure that all out on your
own did you?>>Crazy Nate: That’s kinda like the easter
egg that’s hidden in the middle of the yard so everyone can find at least one easter egg
and put it in their basket. There’s also the RV from breaking bad. Relax, I’m just kidding, keep your shirt on. It’s actually the spaceship from Spaceballs. There’s a model of the swordfish from Cowboy
Bebop, and a life size version of Swordfish. The pod from 2001’s space odyssey. The car that they stole in ferris buellers
day off. And in Aech’s loft there’s a whole pile
of easter eggs. Kermit the frog,>>Kermit: Oh yeah!>>Crazy Nate: a neon sign from cocktails
and dreams, a vote for Goldie Wilson poster from back to the future, and Wil Wheaton a
famous actor who is not running for mayor in back to the future, but he’s famous for
being in 100’s of movies and tv shows.>>Jean-Luc Picard: Shut up Wesley>>Crazy Nate: There’s a Pac-Man table,
a cookie monster, a box of cap’n crunch, you know that cereal that scrapes the gums
off the roof of your mouth like a saw mil. A movie poster for Beastmaster, and again
the movie War Games, then he’s trying on a Prince costume, then Michael Jackson, If
you look on the wall there’s the time tracker’s on the wall from the delorian. There’s the movie for Big Trouble. and if
you look closely in the mirror you see that? It’s the hover board from Back to the Future. And one of my favorite easter eggs, a golden
statue hidden way in the corner of the room, that is from the famous movie Indiana Jones. Also Space invaders are crawling up the wall,
and here’s a mad max 2 poster. Inside Parzival’s van there is an article
hung on the wall, with what we call a QR code. If you scan this code with your phone it will
actually take you to a page where you can read the article. Just like in Home alone when they left a visual
cue showing the audience how Kevin and Marley ’s relationship grew with the cut on his
hand, Steven Speilberg uses the same strategy with how Samantha hides her birthmark as a
way to show their relationship growing. She starts off by completely covering it,
then slowly she let’s it show more and more, till by the very end of the movie she has
her hair up in buns hiding any insecurities she had of her birthmark because their relationship
is obviously going to be happily ever after.>>Will Smith: Ahhhh! That’s hot! I had to shrink this video down so it wasn’t
too long, becasue this is litterally a movie about easter eggs, so let me know if you saw
an easter egg I didn’t mention, or I didn’t see. Also if you enjoy the show subscribe so don’t
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