♪♪♪♪>>The single-rider revolution
is taking over in California, and the Phat Scooters are making quite an impact at the
Monarch Beach Golf Links.>>Our brand is to be one with sort of the
surf scene and the skate and sort of the action-sports scene. So true to our own roots, when we’ve noticed
and heard about, like, Phat Scooters, you know, we wanted to look into it and see, first
of all, if they work and, secondly, how do they work here at Monarch Beach? And we brought them out and tested them and
trialed them out. They were super-popular and a lot of fun,
and we couldn’t say more about how much fun they are for our guests and for us as employees,
too, here at Monarch Beach. So, the Phat Scooter — it’s got wide tires,
which are great on grass, and it’s a pretty solid base. So whether you’re young or old, you’ve done
it before or you haven’t, I think it’s an easier thing to jump onto and try out. You know, a golf course is pretty wide, and
it’s kind of got rolling hills, so a Phat Scooter like these are pretty awesome because
they’re not real dangerous. You can just kind of go with the terrain,
and as long as you kind of go as fast as, you know, as your ability allows you to go,
you can really enjoy yourself. You can drive right to your ball, right up
on the edge of the green, right up on the tee box, and you can kind of go to your own
ball. You don’t have to wait for your partner. So, yeah, I would definitely say that any
single-rider unit like the Phat Scooter is certainly going to be faster once people get
accustomed to how they roll and how do you park it and how do you start it and those
types of things. When people see us using these out on the
golf course and you see them up by the clubhouse, they’re asking us about them, and I definitely
can see where people are going to start buying them and start to use these over, say, a golf
cart, because this is going to be a little bit more fun. You can let it rip a little bit and you can
enjoy the terrain. And I think these are going to start to take
off more and more as they become more popular in the marketplace.>>It’s unbelievable what these scooters can
do for you on and off the golf course. Check out what they have to offer at phatscooters.com
Get one today.

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